Reading manga and watching tv shows online stealing?

I thought it was unless you use a legal site. Do you believe it is stealing to read or watch something when the person gets no money from commercials or the buying of the dvd?

What about clips on youtube of a show?

Manga doesn’t do it for me but I’m an avid anime fan here. Since it drives me up and down the wall watching anime dubbed since english voice acting sucks (puttin my foot down on this one) I have to watch it subbed so I can get the traditional japanese voice acting (its like comparing heaven and hell for me). That said, I stream all my anime through sites like animeseason or anime44 or watchanimeon etc etc (the last one I believe offers a place to watch manga, I think anyways). Do I think its sinful or stealing or anything like that? Heck no lol It’s there for entertainment. They make all their money on dvd sales, millions upon millions more than its worth. I don’t download stuff illegally, I only stream it. If its illegal I imagine those sites would have been shut down yeeeeeears ago. I’d only feel bad about it if I was downloading then trying to sell it to people. Then I’d definitely feel that was illegal.

I watch most all of my anime on Netflix. I’ve also watched some of the Funimation website, which usually takes you to Hulu to watch. And, if that doesnt work, there’s always Crunchyroll. If you’re worried about “stealing” Netflix you pay for, and I believe that Funimation and Crunchyroll have a paid subscription service.

But dont they deserve the pay they should get from the sites other than abosolute legal sites like funimation or etc etc?

Also how do you know when the site is legal?

That’s a good question. I only watch my anime from sites that I know are legal (i.e the above mentioned sites.) You probably could do a Google search and see what pops up.

Then all those centuries where poets read each others work without paying was theft too. Our copyright laws are really out of whack, and need a serious revamping. The line of intellectual theft has been blurred (piracy, file sharing) or overzealously defined (SOPA, 70 year patents via Disney) to the point where the law is practically incoherent for the layman.

Netflix is 100% legitimate, they pay the studios to stream the movies

ILIKECEREAL, this is something I’ve thought about a lot. I’m pretty much in agreement with Nec5 here. Copyright law is a ridiculously contrived mess that’s basically out to protect certain corporations and groups like Disney (and I’m not normally one for anti-corporate rhetoric). A couple hundred years ago, we wouldn’t be worrying about these things. There was even a time when even plagiarizing something wasn’t frowned upon (though I’m not saying we should plagiarize :stuck_out_tongue: ).

But there’s one thing that continues to bug me. It’s what I discussed here in the Anime Thread:

That’s an answer I struggle with. For now, I personally do my best to avoid stuff that isn’t licensed or okay’d by the people who hold the copyrights. If you can reasonably acquire the item (such as a manga or anime series available here in the US), I’d definitely say buy it and support the industry (and I’d say that regardless of what the copyright law situation was), but I can definitely see some murkiness as far as stuff that you can’t reasonably get where you are (like manga or anime only available in Japan). Like I said earlier, I personally stick with the stuff which is licensed in the US, and there is thankfully a lot of that due to the existence of services like NetFlix, Crunchyroll, The Anime Network,, Nico Nico Douga (for a couple of titles), Hulu, Funimation, certain Youtube channels, and other similar sites.

Thank you all for your time and advice:D:D:D, but there is one thing that I need to know. I want to watch something on the funimation website but first I have to sign up, I think the show was mature or something. Is it free to sign up?

It’s free to sign up, but there is a premium membership option that you can pay for if you want even more access.

Ya i know this. I already using this site to watch tv shows. Its a paid site not a free site. So if you wanna watch tv shows in this site then you have to pay for this.

It’s not incoherent at all. It only appears a few people are bothered by the length of copyright. You can go over to the US Copyright Office to get answers. My question is: Who is harmed by current copyright laws? That’s the first question a judge would ask in court: “OK. Who’s the injured party here and show me proof of damages. Otherwise, get out of here and quit wasting my time.”

The FBI is very concerned, and there are no blurred lines - at all. If it’s not yours and it has a price, stealing it without paying for it is wrong


As a creative type who comes from a family of songwriters, authors, artists…

Copyright is there, in part, so that we can actually get compensation from our efforts.

Look, if you own a restaurant, I wouldn’t expect you to give your food away for free.

It’s that simple.

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