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Hi all,
I’m currently rediscovering my faith and I still have a lot to learn and I have a question.
I have a prayer book which was given to me in 1991 for my First Communion. There are several prayers in that book which I read daily when I pray in the morning and before bed. Lately the book has been falling apart though.
Now, I have a little Journal notepad that I carry with me everywhere I go (I pretty much write down EVERYTHING in it - reminders, what I did at the gym, etc).
My question is, can I make a xerox copy of the prayers in my prayer book and paste them into my little journal? This way I can still have my prayers with me to read without risking the prayer book falling apart.
Thank you!
PS: I already carry a St. Jude and St. Anthony prayer card in a little pocket in the back of the Journal which I pull out and read from whenever I want to pray.


Good idea, I carry a prayer book with me:).and I have a journal that I copy prayers into…


So it is OK to make a copy of a few pages from my blessed by a priest prayer book and glue them into the journal? The prayers will still have the same “effect” that way?


Would anyone else please give their input to my question?
Thank you!


My dear friend

Go for it:thumbsup: If I may I would just suggest you focus more on putting a lot of love into whatever prayer you do. This is the part God wants the most. Love can take many forms. If you feel void of love then you can offer sacrificial love which is the highest form of love, and divine. You will gradually get much., much more benefit from your prayers as you put more love into them too. Good luck and I’ll pray for you.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Thank you for your input and your kind words, I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


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