Reading the Bible in a Year

For the year 2012, I decided that I will read the entire Bible in a year. I’ve found several guides on the Internet but I am going to consult you all so that I could choose the method that would work well for me.

Here are the ones I’ve found:

I am now wondering which method is better: Should I start from the beginning with Genesis and read to Revelation or should I begin the Old Testament and the New Testament (and perhaps even the Psalms as indicted in the second one) simultaneously?

Thanks guys!

I would recommend reading either a Bible Commentary, a Bible Concordance, or a Study Bible.

And then, I would slow the pace down in the event you have come upon verses or chapters which inspire, confuse, or just interest you.

Remembering that the Bible is The Word. It is sacred. Therefore, it is important that you listen with your heart and try to understand the context of the writing as well as the hermaneutics. When you are ‘stuck’ on something you can always come here to CAF for a better understanding…

God bless you and good luck to you! Enjoy!

My opinion,
the first one if this if you have not read it that way before to get the timeline of events and how things evolved.

after that the second way is good.

Jeff Cavins and Dr. Hahns’ program “Our Father’s Plan” has been reshowing on EWTN.

Jeff talked about that quick start up in Genesis that people have and then they get bogged down in Leviticus and then get really confused in Judges.

They have these products to assist people:±+MEMORY+BEADS+AND+BOOKMARK/cid=16/page_no=11/edp_no=22409/shop.axd/ProductDetails±+STUDY+GUIDE/shop.axd/ProductDetails?keywords=our+father’s+plan&page_no=4&edp_no=19681±+DVD/shop.axd/ProductDetails?keywords=our+father’s+plan&page_no=2&edp_no=8739

Jeff Cavins also has the Great Adventure Series on DVD.

Good luck enjoy reading the bible. It’s a wonderful thing to do.

I keep hearing to read the New Testament first. I feel like a lot of Genesis is to set up geneology and history of the Israelites and many people get discouraged trying to read through it. I’ll be glad to check out th links provided on this thread! Thanks for posting these. :slight_smile:

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