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As a family man, working full time, I am finding it difficullt to set aside time for reading the Bible, praying to our father and really letting Jesus Christ into my life. I know that there are thousands of people in a similar situation so I would really be grateful for any guidance. Some might say that I should pray for guidance!!

God Bless


I definitely would pray. If it is possible, and I know it is hard, if you can set aside 10-15 minutes a day to just reading even on chapter or pray a Psalm, it is better than nothing. I am faced with difficult tasks in reading scripture now as well as I have an irregular work schedule. If you need anything please PM me.

Hi, Pedro…just something we do as a family and hopefully, will help you…

We pray in the car…specially if all are together. No matter how hectic it is or how tiring it is, at night, before we go to sleep, we make it a point to set time to pray the rosary…have you heard of the saying, a family that prays together stays together. Now my kids actually ask when are we going to pray.

If it is of assistance, my wife has a small book with a Bible verse and small reflection on the verse for everyday of the year. It is great for Bible reflection, if you cannot find the time to read.

And yes, do pray for guidance and let the Holy Spirit work on you and your family…and may I add, the Blessed Virgin.

Listen to mp3s of people reading the text, you know, like those old fashioned books-on-tape, during your commute.

There is an old saying that goes, “If you are too busy to pray, then you are too busy”.
As others have said, the drive time commute is an excellent time to pray, listen to tapes and so forth. Also the lunch hour can be an opportunity for a quick rosary or Divine Mercy chaplet.
At home make time to pray as a family, even if it’s only 10 minutes right before bed.
Growing up we always had supper together and, of course, said grace. This is an excellent opportunity to slip in an extra prayer or two. During lent we would pray the Rosary before we got up from supper. After all we were already there - so once again, a perfect opportunity.


Absolutely pray for guidance. One help I used to use is to bring the bible in when you go to brush your teeth at night and read for a couple of minutes before actually brushing your teeth. This works for me.

Even the busiest person has to have some alone time in the bathroom, for natural reasons. I put a paperback version of my bible in the reading rack in the bathroom, as it gives me an extra 5 minutes or so of time to read a few verses and do a meditation.

When I was just coming back to the faith after years of being willfully absent, I set my alarm and got up one half hour earlier each AM and spent this time specifically for reading my bible. I considered it God’s time since I would ordinarily be sleeping if not for making the commitment to spend time with the Lord and put Him first before all things on this earth, including my loved ones, my job and all the rest.

Prayer does work, so keep a rosary in your car, and one under your pillow for those times you wake during the night. Get some holy water next time you go to Mass and bless yourself when you get up, when you get ready to go out, when you go to bed. God sees and knows all, what is in our heart and mind. He will help you if you take concrete steps to help yourself. And, yes our Blessed Mother will assist you, just ask her!

To find out how to get started reading the Bible, a recommend you visit my humble website, linked below. I would especially recommend my article, “Personal Bible Reading for Catholics: How to Get Started”.

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