Reading the Bible

Is it a sin it I haven’t read the bible?

Does anyone know of a Bible that explains each scripture?

Try Google, for scripture explanations, just don’t believe everything that you Google.

I don’t think so, because reading the Bible is not a required activity. But God did write it for a reason, so I recommend you do read it.

Does anyone know of a Bible that explains each scripture?

The Haydock Bible, the Navarre Bible, and the Ignatius Study Bible explain most verses of the New Testament.

Try the Good News bible

Thank you!

Actually a lot of them do. They are called Study Bibles. I have an Orthodox one that contains the New Testament and the Psalms. It explains everything as the Orthodox church interprets scripture. Of course it differs a bit from Roman Catholic, but I’ve learned a lot by reading it. Of course you can get a Roman Catholic study bible too.

The Navarre Bible is Good for explanations. It’s published by Scepter Press.

It is important, I think to get a commentary that is Catholic and not protestant. Good News Bible is protestant, isn’t it?

Yes, I definitely want to make sure it’s Catholic. But, would the Good News Bible be sold at a Catholic book store anyway?? If it’s Protestant that is

Possible but not likely.

You are most likely to find the Ignatius CSB (Catholic Study Bible) commentaries at a Catholic Book Store, but I personally think the Navarre Series is better if not equally as good.

For the purpose of comparison, not necessarily buying:


Thank you so much!

May Our God Bless You abundantly for taking an interest in His Word.

Please pray for me. Pray for all of Us!

Blessed Advent to you.

A Bible study group (if you can commit to it) can be truly helpful.

By the way, you have probably read more of the Bible than you realize. At every Mass, there are several readings from the Bible. One from the Gospel, one from the Psalms, and then, depending on if it is weekday or Sunday, one from the Old Testament and/or one from the New Testament.

Usually the sermon will be about the readings for the day.

The readings are done in a 3 year cycle. Some are repeated every year. However, the point of the 3 year cycle is that the entire Bible will be read and taught. Then we start over again.

It is not sin not to read the Bible but its recommended reading and you are missing out on something wonderful by not reading it.

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