Reading the Church Fathers


Hey all.

I’m looking to get my hands on the collection of the writings of the Early Church Fathers, without commentary from the translator/editor.

I want to read the church fathers firsthand without hearing someone elses opinion of what they were writing about. Hopefully I can get a non-biased translation, but scholarly. I know that there are about 30-40 volumes in the complete writings of the fathers, but I’ll read them all…Any suggestions?


There’s an excellent set on of the Pre-Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers. You can buy it book by book or the whole set. The publisher I believe is Rev. Alexander Roberts. I plan on eventually investing some money into this.

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You can also go here

The best part is the free part!


I’ve found the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture series to be an excellent way to do this. It is an ecumenical project which presents a Bible passage then a series of ECF commentaries upon it. It’s a great way to get introduced to big passages of ECF thought in a broad, deep, and relevant fashion.

Given the trouble finding ECF works in print and consequent expense, I recommend seeking out eBook versions. I’ve got a bunch on my Amazon Kindle and find it the perfect pre-Mass discipline. For example, I just finished St Augustine’s excellent “On Christian Doctrine”, which includes his recommended approach to Scriptural interpretation.


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