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Hi everyone, I have a silly question. I’m a recent convert (Easter Vigil 2014) after having attending our Catholic parish for nearly 7 years. I know that during Mass, only the priest or deacon can read the Gospels.

Yesterday I was at my grandmother’s nursing home and the usual (protestant) minister who does Bible study and singing wasn’t available. One of the staff was trying to cover for him, and was reading from his binder but seemed at a bit of a loss. I pulled up my Laudate app and let her read one of the reflections. I thought about offering to do one or more of the readings, but hesitated to do that.

Here is my silly question- since it’s not at Mass, it’s ok for a layperson to read the Gospel reading, correct? I don’t want to be disrespectful. Thanks for your help, again!


That would be correct, the requirement that only a priest or deacon can read the Gospel does not extent to a prayer service.


I think it was wonderful that you had an app for that :D. I am sure the nursing home residents appreciated the reading and it would be a lovely idea for you to volunteer to do some readings for the home. Many nursing home residents are lonely and love anyone that will spend time with them. And what a wonderful evangelizing opportunity for you.
Yes, since it wasn’t a Mass service it is fine for a lay person to read the Gospel.


Yep, absolutely fine. That requirement is only for Mass.


Thank you!


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