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I happen to like praying the rosary a lot, and have tried to keep a once-a-day pace for the past several months (I pray the rosary because grace has given me the desire to do so, not because I have to do so, and not because someone else tells me to do so).

Unfortunately, I am also one of those people who will make up a set routine for praying—and then will never do it (the usual case of scheduling something meticulously and never doing it).

So many of my past 200+ rosaries (I keep a spreadsheet chart of days on which I do a rosary, and days of which I do not, and if I miss a day, I normally do two of them on another day) have happened on the bus. I have no free time in the day, and I do not drive. My home church also happens to be really noisy before and after Mass, so as a place to pray, it is no better than a bus. I pray virtually all of the time on a bus—secretly, of course (I am from the Matthew 6 school of prayer).

As you might imagine, although I have the happy assurance of praying on the bus where I spend huge chunks of my day, I have cycles of easiness and difficulty. I am still working on that happy talent of praying in the silence of your conscience even when the world is noisy around you.

The only thing I can think of to alleviate my little dilemma (prayer aside) is simply reading the rosary. I could type out a pamphlet for which each page would contain a prayer from the rosary. That would make a pamphlet of 55-60 pages (I do not remember the exact total of prayers offhand), with one Hail Mary on each of 53 pages (it is 53, I think). The pamphlet would kind of be like a Rosary flipbook, where I could simply turn a page, read the prayer and meditate, and then turn the page again.

A huge disadvantage of praying the rosary on the bus is that you can often lose track of where you are—since I almost always use fingers and have never used (and never want to use) the beads; it would make my job a lot harder, since I easily lose things and the beads could very well fall on the street without me noticing. I am also extremely forgetful. I can sometimes do 20-30 Hail Marys on the same mystery and think that I have only done ten. The rosary book would clear up this problem.

What does everyone think? Is reading the rosary from a book (prayer for prayer, 55-60 prayers in all) a viable way to pray the rosary? Of course, prayer is conversation with God, and God is not scrupulous, but please be candid in your thoughts.


“honeyspeak” Your idea intrigues me. Because I have had a similar experience. Especially in regards to distractions.

My solution was to create my own Rosary booklet. I have set it up, in a regular school binder… with all the prayers printed out; along with pictures of each Mystery and Scriptural passages (Old and New Testament and Book of Revelation)… detailing each Mystery.

I used to say my Rosary toward the middle of day… until I realized that I was in danger of NOT saying it at all, because of being “so busy” later in the day (St. Martha, pray for me :rolleyes:).

So instead, I started saying my Rosary early in the morning… before my “always busy” day… gets going. I have found this to be a great help. I love praying in the quiet of the early morning.

This might be more difficult for you, since you travel extensively on a bus. But, still… it would be a possibility; to create your own (probably smaller size) Rosary booklet as an aid in praying the Rosary.

I don’t know if this helps or not. I hope so. God bless. :slight_smile:


Dear MarieVeronica,

Well, I am surprised that this thread is not getting more replies—I have seen so many threads about “altnerative” ways of praying the rosary that reduce the number of rosary prayers or reduce the rosary to a handful of meditations (and those threads had plenty of people willing to call those “incomplete” / “nonexistent” rosaries out).

This would seem a perfectly legitimate way of doing the rosary. Rosary books actually exist online, but I want to see if I can do one on my own (so I can make my own custom size).

I am always in a rush in the morning (probably because I sleep in) and have no time to pray in the morning. The bus has become my de facto chapel in the past eleven months, LOL.


Well, let me give it a “bump” and see if we can get you some more replies. :thumbsup:

Personally, the homemade Rosary book… has been a great tool for me, and a gigantic help in fighting distractions. I’m very over-burdened… mentally, due to my personal circumstances. So the book is helpful… since I tend to be a “visual” creature. :smiley:

For others, it might help while praying the Rosary to listen to beautiful Catholic music (especially hymns dedicated to Our Blessed Mother).

God bless.


Sounds like a plan! Give it a try and let us know how it works.


My dear friend

Your idea is ok. I pray along mentally whilst listening to my ipod personally. I think the important thing is to offer God and your Blessed Mother lots of love as this is the part of the prayer they mainly want whichever and whatever prayer you do.

So knock yourself out.

May God bless you abundantly:thumbsup::slight_smile:



Of course your idea of praying the Rosary is a valid prayer, honeyspeak! In fact I think it is beautiful how you seriously try to please our Mama Mary and our Lord in persevering to pray the Rosary in a manner worthy of Their majesty in spite of the difficulties of each day.

How about some suggestions? If your idea works, why not make more and distribute your Rosary booklets as gifts for other people? And why not make your own Rosary booklet even more beautiful as an offering for our Mama and our Lord: if you are artistically inclined, you can put some artwork in each page.

God bless! And I know our Mama’s pleased with you :thumbsup:


Honeyspeak, I think that’s a great idea… so if I understand you right that means the pages serve the same function as a Rosary bead.

I’ve been downloading aids to the Mysteries - like a list of the various Scripture verses relating to the Rosary. It would be a nice idea to form them into a little book with pictures but I could use it along with beads too if I wanted.

I can’t believe how often I have to chase away intrusive thoughts when I say the Rosary each evening… even stifling yawns. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t get heaps out of the prayers and Mysteries. I visualize scenes in my head as I am reciting the prayers and even recalling place names and quotes as I pray to keep it all vibrant.

Great that you can use your bus journeys to say the rosary. I used to say the Rosary sometimes when doing my runs… it used to actually help me better concentrate on the Mysteries for some reason.

Good on you.


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