Reading through America You Sexy B---- for a blog link discussion

Now I’m trying to think of the best way to enter this discussion from a Catholic-Christian perspective.

The book is written by Michael Ian Black and McCain’s daughter.

I won’t mince words, reading the book feels about as good as slamming one’s head into a brick wall repeatedly for enjoyment. The adjectives running through my mind when looking for descriptors range from immature to insipid.

McCain’s views on theology (God and happiness are apparently both warm puppies) and how much fun politics can be (most sane people find politics a frustrating nuisance to the serious business of being human), alone, are a painful train wreck of sentences on the pages of an innocent and unsuspecting book.

But, I know that isn’t a good place to start when someone has been kind enough to supply a free book and an open forum for discussion. It certainly isn’t going to persuade anyone to believe I’m anything more than some kind of stereotypical “hate-filled-conservative-Christian-types”.

The first portion of the book starts out with a visit to Mr. Black’s lesbian mother, noting the unfairness of her lack of marriage to her partner of 20 years.

I certainly don’t hate anyone (even the two, horribly confused authors), but I also don’t like this book.

Any suggestions regarding how to discuss this topic in a way that represents a Catholic stance with love and charity would be greatly appreciated.

I fully expect to take flak for whatever I may write in response to this book–short of endorsing its alleged “common ground”. If anything, this book is showing me in gory detail precisely why I have no use for either self-identified “liberal democrats” or “conservative republicans” in the public eye. :shrug:

Your thoughts? :confused:

Just write the Truth. You don’t have to be uncharitable but the Truth hurts those who deny it. Christ said His word would turn father against son and brother against brother. Anytime anyone speaks on behalf of Christ anywhere on any subject, there is bound to be people who get upset and reply with flaming comments. Don’t let that deter you. Speak the Truth at all times. For every ten liberals that read it and call you a homophobic right wing conservative christian nutjob, you’ll have one or two honest people who read it and might steer clear of the book.

I’m not sure what to say, but I’m definitely not enjoying the book. To say it was poorly written would be an understatement. I genuinely feel sorry for Meghan McCain. I would not want to live in her head. To think she had the benefit of attending well-respected Catholic schools in her lifetime and then puts the following in print:

“I’m un-married and not completely convinced that the idea of marriage isn’t outdated.”

“I consider myself a God-fearing Christian, but I’m also a big believer in karma and sometimes get a feeling like I may have had past lives.”

“Mi Vida Loca. Vegas is religion. Casino is my church.”

“I’m annoyed…but more so because after years and years growing up in and fighting my way out of a conservative environment, not to mention years of Catholic school, I am not a fan of unnecessary guilt.”


She should feel guilty. She is a daughter of wealth and privilege. What does she do with the gifts she’s been given? Use her wealth to gain education and understanding? Obviously not. Use her platform to improve the lot of the least among us? Nope. Tweet pictures of her cleavage, act like an airhead, run to Vegas for some high-dollar thrills whenever she gets a hang-nail, and champion the cause of a community interested in social mischief on the grandest scale? BINGO.

Reading through this, I can’t help feeling as though she would benefit from some intensive psychotherapy.

The comedian she is with isn’t exactly the brightest star, either. He’s convinced religious people know nothing of “science” (really, I’m wondering how well an acting-school drop out could teach Monsignor Albacete science). Although, he is a more sympathetic read than Ms. McCain, because he at least seems to grasp that a world exists beyond the end of his nose.

Thanks. I will be honest when I write, but I don’t expect it to go over well. :blush:

Meghan McCain…I’m gonna refrain from saying something uncharitable but I think we all acknowledge the 800-lb elephant in the room.

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