Readings for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

Q: Is it true to say that the Mass is the same in every church?
A: Yes and no. The basic structure is the same. The readings assigned for the day are the same in every Catholic church (and even followed in some Protestant churches). There will be variations in the ritual and these are based on local customs…


This, in a somewhat longer form, was in the bulletin this week locally and I would like to respond back to it. As a member of one of the 22 other Catholic Churches I know for certain that in my Byzantine Catholic Church we do not have the same readings from the Cycle A/B/C that the Latin Church uses for the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite Mass (nor do we have the variations in music which the piece went on to mention, for example a Mariachi band).

I would like to know only this: in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite are the same readings used from the Cycle A/B/C that the Latin Church uses for the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite Mass? I am not familiar enough with the EF so before I do respond I’d like to try to get the basic facts straight.

I only want to know what are the “readings assigned for the day” for the EF, where do they come from i.e. are they taken from the so-called universal readings one finds on the USCCB site? Are the readings in the EF universal? I don’t want to get into the variations which come up with certain festal periods/days etc. I’m just looking for the most basic.

I hope discussions about other issues can be addressed on other threads. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance for your help.

EF has its own 1 year cycle:thumbsup:

I have compared a few times my OF Missal to the Sunday EF Missal. All I can give you is my observations. Let’s take, ummm, Trinity Sunday, for example. EF has only 1 cycle. I have noticed that throughout the A/B/C cycles, the readings from the EF are placed throughout, only once. The first reading from the EF might be in B cycle, and the Gospel in A. Also, a verse may be added or subtracted from the EF readings when transferred to the OF.

Hope that helps!


There is no separate lectionary for the EF, nor is it dependent in any way on the USSCCB. The EF missal includes the readings. The Sunday readings, like the rest of the Masses, are the same every year. There are readings for saints’ days (many more in the EF) and weekdays of Lent. There is no regular weekday reading cycle, other than the reasings for saints and feast days.

Thank you very much. This tells me what I needed to know.

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