Readings for Wedding

I am in a real bind here, I am getting married October 2 and my finace and I have not chosen the readings yet. How we managed to overlook this, I have no idea. We are not having a mass since my fiance is not Catholic. I believe we need 2 readings and a gospel right? Do we need a psalm as well? I am planning to rush out tomorrow to buy the book “Together For Life” that we should have received but for some reason, our priest did not give us a copy. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know it should be a personal choice, and it will be, however, what are some popular readings? Thanks a million for any advice and suggestions anyone gives us.

You can just google it if you want. I know one of the popular reading used is

[BIBLEDRB]1 Corinthians 13[/BIBLEDRB]

another is:

[BIBLEDRB]Ephesians 5:22-33[/BIBLEDRB]

Here is a site that lists the choices from the Rite of Marriage. You don’t say where you are but those are the US choices. Canada uses most of those but not the reading from the Song of Songs.

This is what I picked for my cousin’s wedding last year:

First Reading: Song of Songs
Responsorial Psalm: Blessed are they who fear the Lord and walk in his ways.
Second Reading: Revelation (Wedding Feast of the Lamb)
Gospel: Wedding at Cana

My parochial vicar weaved a beautiful homily with the readings. Even though you won’t be having a Mass, the Holy Sacrifice is also called the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. My cousin thought it was a little odd to have this reading, but, some tim after the wedding, she told me that the choices all made sense.

If you are going to have music, the psalm should be sung. The Gospel Acclamation (Alleluia) does need to be sung.

The priest should go over the readings with you. Our priests or deacons meet with the couple a few weeks before to choose the reading and make final preparations. They also meet with the music director. Perhaps you need to contact the priest or deacon celebrating the wedding. Some priests like to choose the gospel themselves because they are the ones who are preaching on it. Depends on the parish policy. Same with regard to music. Secular music is not allowed.

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