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I was wondering what Bible the readings read during mass come from? Do they come from a Catholic Bible?

Yes, the come from the New American Bible. Here is a link to the online version of the NAB.

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It depends on where you live.

In the US, it’s the Revised New American Bible translation.

In Canada, the New Revised Standard Version translation was used for the Lectionary from 1992 to 2009, but since Rome has forbidden the use of the NRSV translation for use in Liturgy, it was then amended to remove some of the inclusive language and to change certain terms (the Beatitudes, for example, now are back to ‘Blessed are’ rather than ‘Happy are’). It’s a “Revised New Revised Standard Version”, if you will, though no such titled Bible exists.

In England and Wales the Lectionary uses the *Jerusalem Bible *translation (which Canada was also using until 1992) and the Psalms are from the Grail Psalter.

Is this a Catholic Bible?

the only bible translation approved for use in the liturgy in the United States is the New American Bible, translated under the direction of the US Bishops (except for the psalms which are not approved, and in the US the older translation called the Grail Psalter is used).

The Bishops Conference in every country decides which translations are used in liturgy, including the lectionary, and yes they are Catholic translations. Most countries seem to use versions based on the Jerusalem Bible, Revised Standard Version, or New Revised Standard Version.

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