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Hi, I would like to better understand these verses from Wisdom:

Wisdom will never enter the soul of a wrong-doer, nor dwell in a body enslaved to sin;

for the Holy Spirit of instruction flees deceitfulness, recoils from unintelligent thoughts, is thwarted by the onset of vice.

So…does this mean that every time we sin ( just mortally?) the Holy Spirit is not in us anymore? We are not the Temple of the Lord anymore ? if this is right, than we need confession for the Holy Spirit to come back to us?

And also I have doubt on this verse from Luke:

“It would be better for such a person to be thrown into the sea with a millstone round the neck than to be the downfall of a single one of these little ones”

Who are the “little ones”? Are all of us who follow Jesus?

Thank you in advance.

Think: Unrepentant sinners. Non-believers. Proud sinners.

Yes. The Holy Spirit is a gentle spirit that cannot remain in the same house with unclean spirits. He leaves when one admits the enemy.

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Even a bad word like the F one is enough for the Holy Spirit to part from us?

To be safe, better say yes or no and so avoid any swearing.

When we sin mortally the Holy Spirit no longer dwells in our soul. The next to last sentence in the article on “Sanctifying Grace” in the Catholic Encyclopedia says:

With regard to the moral virtues, the seven gifts and the indwelling of the Holy Ghost, which invariably accompany grace and charity, it is clear that when mortal sin enters into the soul they cease to exist (cf. Francisco Suárez, “De gratia”, IX, 3 sqq.).

You do not have a good understanding of what a mortal sin is.

Take the words of the book of Wisdom at face value. Forget about trying to apply a measurement to the sin. It’s practically irrelevant from the perspective of someone who is trying to follow God’s will, and conversely, from the perspective of someone who isn’t.

Anyone who is vulnerable. No, not everyone is vulnerable. If everyone were vulnerable, as in being a “little one”, there would be no mortal sin.

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