Reagan and Fatima

I’m not trying to go political here or make a political statement. I stumbled upon information in the last month that Reagan took an interest in Fatima. I had not previously known this. It is interesting too, that both the Holy Father, St. Pope John Paul II and Reagan were the victims of assassination attempts in 1981 and they both survived. Reagan on March 30, 1981 and His Holiness on May 13, 1981.

Now, on June 6, 1987, Ronald Reagan, en route to seeing the Holy Father again, was hearing all about Fatima. He heard it from Frank Shakespeare, his ambassador to the Vatican.

After a stunned pause, Shakespeare told me “how it [Fatima] would have come up and did come up” between Reagan and John Paul II:

First off, they felt the need to counsel each very frequently. As the head of the world’s leading spiritual power, and the head of the world’s leading temporal power, both of them fairly new to the job, and with John Paul II being the first non-Italian pope in over 400 years, they felt a need for one another’s counsel.

Excerpted from:

So, some of this has been written into more general analyses of the Reagan presidency. Anyway, I thought this was fascinating and never knew of it before.

Here, he refers to it in Portugal:

“…No one has done more to remind the world of the truth of human dignity, as well as the truth that peace and justice begins with each of us, than the special man who came to Portugal a few years ago after a terrible attempt on his life. He came here to Fatima, the site of your great religious shrine, to fulfill his special devotion to Mary, to plead for forgiveness and compassion among men, to pray for peace and the recognition of human dignity throughout the world.”


There is a book titled “The Pope and a President” by Paul Kengor. I found it very interesting and learned a lot about the tactics and lies told by those wanting to influence others to accept communism.


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