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Well I don’t know if this appropriate area for this but I was wondering if anyone check these guys out and if their comments and/or accusations are valid.


It is always a joy to hear Michael speak. he is an amazing Catholic and defender of the Faith. i just wonder why he is not on EWTN?

Michael is pretty good and dead on. This whole thing is based here in Michigan and they used to be on tv here before going to the internet. These shows are great.

i listen to their audio and have been really encouraged to stay Catholic, i agree, he is spot on and faithful to Rome…

I dislike entertainers who disrespect the bishops. It is cafeteria Catholicism.

I don’t know who you are referring to, but it is certainly ‘cafeteria Catholicism’ to pick and choose which matters of faith and morals and principles one adheres to. That can be a mortal sin if done willfully. Matters of Christian faith and morals and principles do not change. On the other hand, fully devout Catholics who adhere to all matters of faith and morals and principles can respectfully disagree with the Church hierarchy regarding current policies (which can and do change), and it is not a sin or a condition of ‘cafeteria Catholicism.’ Examples of mortally-sinful ‘cafeteria Catholicism’ are where the laity thinks using contraception is okay for them, or abortion is okay for others, or homosexual marriage ought to be tolerated, or that Jesus approves of or winks at their particular sins, etc.

As an example of ‘feasting Catholics’ who might have different opinions regarding policies, the Church holds to the principle of welcoming the stranger, and might adhere to a policy that all-comers should be welcomed, while the laity can also hold to the principle of welcoming the stranger but adhere to a different policy of requiring all-comers to get visas, and health certificates, and sponsors, etc., all in an orderly way. There is no sin there, since the principles are the same, just the policies of how to get to the same principle are different.

Nice try, though.


Thank you for the great comments! RealCatholicTV is absolutely 100% faithful to the Magisterium of the Church - and our ONLY goal is to get souls to heaven. Period.

If anyone is in the Detroit area Saint Michael’s Media (contributing partner to RealCatholicTV) has a conference planned for this Saturday! :

Word Made Flesh

Wonderful speakers and a great topic!!

Hope to see you there! :smiley:


I wish they’d come to the southern states…we are a minority and great predjudice in the ‘Bible Belt’, so thankful for the internet and shows like St Miachaels Media offerings!

**“Secular Media Hijacked by Hell” **
Clip from Michael Voris’s “The One True Faith” where he states from personal experience that “The secular media in the United States has been hijacked by Hell in order to distort people’s understandings of the Truth” (comment also by guest Fr. Pablo Straub). HEAR THE TRUTH PEOPLE!

Michael is available for speaking engagements - if you would like to plan something with your parish or other Catholic group, please give the studio a call for how to make that happen!


and this is the Truth, nothing but the Truth.

he is not disrespecting the Bishops he is just reminding them of their duties. as you know even the Bishops need to know that we are here for them and support them when they are fighting for the Truth.

I appreciate that Real Catholic TV exposes these problems but I usually have a concern in the manner in which they are presented.

For one thing, the videos addressing problems at the USCCB make it seem that the entire conference is evil and that everyone there is trying to mislead us and misuse our trust and donations. The problems are big, but seem to be exaggerated even further. Back when the videos were being made about the annual collection was being taken up I remember being puzzled how a connection with Soros was being made that seemed to be a far stretch (some connections seemed valid while others seemed to be a “stretch”, at best). Perhaps time limitations resulted in the details providing the clear link not being presented.

In a video today, the fact that the USCCB eliminated it’s endorsement of the Center for Community Change from it’s web site as being a “cover-up”. This claim of an intention is not supported with any evidence. It might be the case but I would hope that the USCCB recognized that this organization does not hold the same goals as our church and decided to no longer endorse it and at the same time asked the organization to no longer claim any association with the USCCB. That’s what we want, right? I don’t know what actually lead to the change but I would prefer that accusations be made only when there is clear evidence to support them. I would also hope that John Carr (sp?) would be replaced to help ensure social justice activities of the USCCB are in line with church teaching.

Our Catholic faith requires that we speak in charity but I don’t see any element of charity in any of the videos I’ve watched.

Again, I appreciate that Real Catholic TV exposes these problems but I would like them to be done in charity and present only accusations that are well supported. The USCCB needs our prayers.

i think the problem is much bigger and more scandalous than we know.

i dont think Michael is exposing all of them yet. i think he is being carefull on what he is exposing.

i am sure we are going to hear more. until these Bishops begin repenting things will only get worse.

they continue to walk around as if they are totally innocent. we have some good Bishops, but the number are very small. i wish we could know who they are so we could send them letters of support.

we cannot understimate the power of the devil, specially now and days. we did for too long. it is time to wake and see evil for what it is.

I believe most of our bishops are very good. I’m fortunate to have three good ones within 50 miles of me.

What a condundrum.
We must be faithful to the majisterium, but we must also root out evil.
Isn’t the USCCB our local ordinary in a sense. We must obey our bishops locally. Hmnn. Maybe it’s just the double standard of those Catholics that dissent from behind the scenes that make everything so annoying scandalous.

Real Catholic TV is only telling the TRUTH. Every one of us puts our hard earned money into the basket every week - don’t people have a problem with the fact that a serious portion of that money is going to fund organizations that support abortion, gay marriage, and womenpriests?

When the USCCB (the good and the bad bishops) support organizations like this it weakens the Body of Christ - these organizations openly support intrinsic evil, and to project the image that the Church is a part of them tells the average Catholic in the pews that those things are just fine (abortion, homosexuality, etc.). The result is a wishy-washy Faith, cafeteria Catholics, and leading souls to hell. I’m sorry, but I don’t want my money going there. And every single Catholic in this country should be aware of it every single time they donate to the causes of the USCCB.

Part of the problem is - if you stop putting money in the basket, you harm your parish. That can’t happen. What needs to happen is someone INSIDE the USCCB needs to stand up and be a MAN, a TRUE APOSTLE, and speak out about the corruption and lies going on in the USCCB. Someone needs to clean house - and that will never happen unless the corruption and lies are shown out in the light for all to see.

Evil hates the Light. Christ is the Light - let’s bring HIM back and get rid of the evil that is polluting our Church.



That’s why I try to target where my money goes. Of course in order to meet the tenants of a Catholic in good standing - supporting the Church is required. So I give money and help in ways that don’t require donating money. The way I look at it is that all of the money I receive is God’s. It is when I fail to give back to him that small portion He asks for that I fail. It is not mine to keep.

Just like Children are a blessing they are now ours to keep. He loans us His children and we are expected to raise them up in the Lord. We give them back to God slowly. Put you money in these terms and you don’t have much wiggle room. But that does not mean we can’t try to make sure it goes where its supposed to go.

Just a quick comment,…Michael Voris is a machine! By the grace of God, he is putting his career on the line to expose the heterodoxy left over from the ‘spirit of vatican II’ crowd.

Nuff said!


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