Real Liberation & Salvation

This physical world, which consists of the inert objects like Sun, Moon, Stars Air, Earth etc., is not the world, which is binding you and this is not The world from which you have to attain the liberation or salvation

If you get salvation from this physical world it is called the death
Death is not the salvation since even after death you are bound by the bonds The bonds are not with the physical world but they are with your family members

It is this family that constitutes your entire world from which you must be salvated The physical world is real and it is unreal for the creator only and not for you You are a part and parcel of this world and if you say that this world is unreal

You too become unreal, your unreal world is your own family, which is created By yourself only and why this is unreal? If you analyse, these bonds did not exist Before this birth and do not exist after this birth and hence are not existing During this birth also, Sankara told that temporary is always unreal
Therefore, Gita emphasizes for the detachment from these worldly bonds

Jesus goes one step further and advises you even to hate these family bonds This is surprising but if you analyse, I should say, He is absolutely correct If you analyse deeply, these family members deserve your hatred and not love The reason is that these family members were very vehement enemies to you
In the previous birth you stole their hard earned property and fought with them

Now they have come to collect their wealth from you along with the Compound interest, they are in the form of wife and children and you are bound

To pay them according to the force of Karma Chakra i.e., associated with Kala Chakra Payment of loans is Karma Chakra and payment in this birth is Kala Chakra

The same is said “Runanubandha Rupena Pasu Patni Sutalayaah”
The three strongest bonds are with money, wife and children and these three Are called as “Eeshanaas”, which are the stainless steel chains, which never Corrode, the secret in the force of these three bonds is only the force of Karma

The Karma is the payment of the loans with interest and for that you have to earn Therefore, you are forced by Karma to earn the money and that is the spontaneous Attraction to the money, the Karma is dragging you to earn the money so that You can pay to your enemies who are surrounding you for the collection of loans
Thus these three bonds are inter related and amalgamated by the force of Karma

Universal Spirituality for World Peace

We say that this understanding of yours
Of emptimess and the purpose of emptiness
And of the Significance of emptiness is incorect.
As a consequence you are harmed by it.

The Buddha’s teaching of the Dharma
Is based on two truths:
A truth of worldy convention
And an ultimate truth.

Those who do not understand
The distinction drawn between these two truths
Do not understand
The Buddha’s profound truth.

Without a foundation in conventional truth,
The significance of the ultimate cannot be taught.
Without understanding the significance of the ultimate,
Liberation will not be achieved.

By a misperception of emptiness
A person of little intelligence is destroyed.
Like a snake incorrectly seized
Or like a spell incorrectly cast.

For that reason–that the Dharma is
Deep and difficult to understand and to learn–
The Buddha’s mind despaired of
Being able to teach it.

You have presented fallacious refutations
That are not relevant to emptiness.
Your confusion about emptiness
Does not belong to me.

Nagarjuna, The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way


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