Real Life Catholic on Amazon Prime

Hello everyone!

I just binged watched the season 1 of the reality show “Real Life Catholic.”

The first two episodes (while good) were not the best of the series. But starting with episode 3, the show got awesome!

I laughed and cried with almost ever episode.

As I mentioned in the subject line, the show is now on Amazon Prime. So if you have Prime, you need to watch this show. And if you only have time to watch 1 or 2; you MUST watch episodes 7 and 9 – “Life in LA” and “Death with Dignity”

Even all you non-Catholic need to watch this series and MUST watch episodes 7 and 9 – “Life in LA” and “Death with Dignity”

God bless

The program was originally aired on EWTN. You can also watch them here:

well… you can only watch them on for pay.

If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch them for free.

Prime has a charge, you simply pay a flat fee of $120 per year. Not everyone can afford that much, so, a lower priced option is to pay for only the shows you want to watch :slight_smile:

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