Real Madrid remove cross from logo to please Muslims


Real Madrid remove cross from logo to please Muslims

Rabat – To please their Muslim fans, Spanish giants Real Madrid have decided to make some changes to its world-famous logo so that a small cross does not appear.

The new logo looks similar to the club’s 83-year-old trademark, except for the removal of a tiny Christian cross that normally sits at the top.


It’s only where the ‘brand’ is used in Muslim countries, elsewhere the logo remains the same. It’s to do with a deal with an Abu Dhabi bank and the hope for new revenue streams.


In England they stopped giving a bottle of champagne to the player of the month so they wouldn’t offend Muslim players.


That’s terrible. I hope there is a big backlash in Spain over this.

For the record, in the USA, the ice hockey team, LA Kings may have dealt with this issue in the last 20 years or so.

Old logo:

New Logo:

West Ham logo:

Not changed so far, let’s hope some other clubs do not make these concessions.

Real Madrid:

From the article in the OP:

This comes at a time Real Madrid are beginning the construction of a $1 billion sports tourist resort in the United Arab Emirates. It is reported to be the world’s first theme park on an artificial island to combine tourism and sports.

A bit understandable but I’m still not sure.

Real Madrid is probably the biggest professional sports franchise in the world unless somehow, our NFL teams are actually bigger money makers.

One of the above posts say this will only occur as a change in the Muslim world. Okay, we will see. We can watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s jersey.

It would not surprise me that other Spanish clubs have this cross on them as well, a number of the teams have a King’s crown on the logo.

Real Betis:


One of a variety of shirts Inter (Internazionale) Milan wear, their classic Crusader shirt. I’ve always been partial to this.


***********************************************************************************************:knight1: Now that is a classy shirt!


I understand revenue stream and all, but it’s the kind of mini-surrenders like this, mini-Muslim victories over even the smallest external signs of Christendom, that convince Islamic radicals that the Christian West is weak, passive, and will settle, Chamberlain-like, for peace at any cost. Take a story like this, add it to the news item a couple of months ago about the grocery store that was convinced to take down its sign advertising bacon lest it Muslim customers be offended…meanwhile, you can’t even bring a Bible into Saudi Arabia. As Martin Niemöller might have written, “First they came for the logos…”


I see in the news, James Rodriquez of Real Madrid, like so many soccer players have done, is now showing off his physique as a swimming suit or underwear model, I even found a story I’m not going to link to. So that puts this a bit in perspective. I don’t think soccer players who do that are being very modest.


I’m not a Preston fan but I love their badge.


Why do people have to bend over backwards not to offend muslims?
They have to learn to respect other people’s beliefs and learn how to get along with the rest of the world in my opinion.


Real Madrid cares about $$$$. They don’t care about their identity, they had no problem destroying their ultra group, making their stadium into a quiet graveyard


People bend over backwards not to offend Muslims out of fear of them.


Offend a Christian, and they’ll just pray for you. Offend the wrong Muslim…


Yes, that is quite excellent. The well-known player, Sir Thomas Finney played for them.


Seeing how secular and liberal Spain has become I don’t think that will happen. Unless you have a small group faithful Spanish Christians complaining about the thing.


Their fans should add a “moon”.


Why would Muslims even want this? Isn’t that what Muslim Jesus, a.k.a. “Isa” is supposed to do at the end of time, come back and smash all the crosses? Why do his job for him?


I think there is more outrage amongst the English than the Spanish.

Is that what they believe? Smashing the Crosses?


I believe Sunni’s believe this, although it’s not in the Koran, as this is in one of the (allegedly) reliable “traditions” (Hadith) about the teachings of Mohammed accepted in Sunni Islam.


How ironic… :rolleyes:

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