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I’ve been participating in a thread about Eucharistic miracles, and three posters have done a fine job of disproving two, possibly three “Church approved” miracles.
My faith is shattered, I believed in the Real Presence because the miracles backed up what Jesus said. (I’m from the Show-Me state

Are there any posters here who don’t believe in the miracles but still have a belief in the Real Presence? If so, May I ask how?
I know someone’s going to bash me and say that have a week faith, well no surprise there.
Or should I join a UCC?

Where is the thread? Here on CAF?

Yes. It’s on the Catholic Answer-- Today forum, titled Eucharistic Miracle Buenos Aires Argentina.

I scanned the thread and failed to see that any “fine job” was done in disproving them. You would take the word of posters here over that of the Church?

You do not have weak faith. I happen to only believe in three apparitions of Our Lady, for example: Guadeloupe, Fatima and Lourdes - does that mean I have weak faith? Your faith is something that cannot be taken away, because you know Christ died for your sins. Be at peace. :slight_smile:

I guess, yes. Seems they have thoroughly investigated Poland and Buenos Aires and there are lots of questions about if the people involved can be fair, impartial and trustworthy. While the Church has an agenda and is biased. In one case they could easily do DNA testing but the bishop doesn’t want to cut christ.
The people doing the testing are making money off it.

…however, the Vatican tests these occurences, as Lormar said, so no need to worry anyway. :thumbsup:

…woah! Just editing this: the Church has an agenda?!!..

The Church does not lie.

I can’t say I don’t believe in the miracles, but I don’t know much about them, and I don’t believe in the true prescence of Christ in the Eucharist because of them. The reason I believe the Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Jesus is because of John 6 and the Last Supper accounts of the other 3 gospels. I also believe because that is what the Catholic Church teaches and I believe it to be the One True Church that cannot teach error on matter of faith and morals.
Pray for faith to believe and God will grant it to you.

I do believe in the Real Presence but not because of supposed miracles. When I was trying to come back to the faith I kind of sort of had it out with God because faith by intellect alone wasn’t working out for me. After working myself up I realized that I couldn’t will myself into faith and admitted to God that I just couldn’t get what it was all about. This was during mass on Holy Thursday, as we were kneeling during the consecration.

As soon as I said those words, it was as though a fire erupted in my heart. It was so overwhelming I almost burst into tears right there. I looked around to try to figure out what was going on but I was dumbfounded. And then I looked up and saw the pastor holding up the Body and Blood of Christ. Suddenly everything clicked.

As a final note, I now think of that moment when I hear that passage, “Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road, while he was explaining the Scriptures to us?”

Is this proof? Nope! Am I certain of the real presence? Yep!

Haha, and out of those three apparitions, I only believe fully in two. Does that mean I do not love Our Lady? Of course not!

No, She doesn’t lie but words by those involved in the testing word things very carefully and are misleading. There was no peer reviewed journals where these miracles could be viewed.
The people involved in the testing, like Dr. Zugabe are known to believe in these phenomenon. It looks like blood rather than being positively identified as blood, chain of command is questionable. Could be natural occurrences. One of the agencies involved was involved in a fraud or some kind of lawsuit…etc.

If it were fact, it would be all over the news and everybody would be catholic.

If anyone has time could you read the thread and address these issues or have a rebuttal?

I just read the above linked thread here.

Faith, it appears to me that you would rather believe the poster who suddenly appeared with his “info-mercial” to get you to buy a book that disproves the miracle.

Gracie, whom I know to be an excellent Catholic, would not lie to you. She is there in Argentina. She told you that the miracle has official Church approval. What more do you want?

Luke 16:31
They will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.

So this miracle has been officially approved by the Church? Would the approval be at the local level or does it have to come through the Vatican? Any references for the approval?

So this miracle has been officially approved by the Church? Would the approval be at the local level or does it have to come through the Vatican? Any references for the approval?

Go read the link I provided.

I don’t pay much attention to Eucharistic miracles. Why would I need a miracle to believe Jesus spoke truly when He said “This is my body,” “This is my blood.”

Would I need a baptismal miracle to believe that Baptism removes all sin and initiates us into the life of grace?

I must’ve missed the bookndisproving the miracle.
As for what else I want, I’d like sound refutation to all the objections they’re coming up with.

Jim, I’m with you, and now I am more grateful than ever that I am not a chaser after signs and wonders and alleged apparitions.

So this miracle has been officially approved by the Church? Would the approval be at the local level or does it have to come through the Vatican? Any references for the approval?

According to the naysayers, it wasn’t approved by the Vatican and the church itself is making money off it, through talks lectures etc .

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