REAL Snakes on a Plane!

I couldn’t resist…REAL Snakes on a Plane!

Four Pythons Get Loose on Plane

AP, Melborune, Australia (April 16) - Four baby pythons escaped from a container aboard a passenger plane in Australia, leading to a search that forced the cancellation of two flights, the airline said Thursday.

Twelve non-venemous Stimson pythons were being transported Tuesday on a flight from Alice Springs to Melbourne in the plane’s cargo area in a bag inside a plastic foam box with air holes.|welcome|dl1|link4|

This is bad enough. See too though the “related articles” at the end of the article linked.
Not ot hijack this thread.

St. Patrick is just a prayer away.:shamrock::shamrock::shamrock:

Oh thank goodness! I thought this was going to be an veiled reference to the presidential entourage’s world tour.:smiley:

Someone call Samuel L. Jackson right away :slight_smile:

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