If it has to do with your life and faith as a Catholic - you will see it on

A new Catholic television network, on the internet!!

Quality programming available instantly on your pc, Mac, PDA, iPhone - any way you get to the internet, you can get to RealCatholic TV

Current Catholic News
Comments DIRECTLY from the mouths of Faithful Bishops -unfiltered by the mainstream media
Regular Shows on every topic of Catholic Life

Check out the link in my signature and see what the next generation of Catholic programming looks like!


This looks like a fantastic site. Sounds like it will be a pay subscription though… How much??


Thanks Paul!!!

I don’t think I can really talk about that here, I am not sure that CA will allow me to “sell” here. I’ll PM you the details. :smiley:

If anyone else is interested please let me know and I’ll be happy to pass on the info to you.


The site will consist of TWO different “levels”; one is completely free (only need to have a log on ID, like a forum) and the other is subscription.

The free site will be daily updates on saints, history, news and commentary. The subscription site will contain all that, and a lot of fully-featured programing on a Catholic theme.

So, whatever people want, they can get.

I like the idea of the “Shadow Priest”. It would be fun trying to guess who the priest is while also getting some good information.

“The Other View” also sounds awesome!!! Thanks for posting this! :thumbsup:

Isn’t it just so exciting!!?? :extrahappy:

There are more updates on the blog now, with behind the scenes updates and cool photos of the studio and staff preparing for the big launch!

This site is getting A LOT of attention!! The Business Director for RealCatholicTV gave the staff an overview of some of the amazing and VERY impressive contacts he’s making, and those who are keeping a extremely close eye on this project, and we were all very impressed and so excited and blessed to be a part of totally revolutionizing how Catholics learn about and live their Faith.

Waahooo!!! Ten days and counting!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:



Thank you for posting this site! I added it to my favorites. :thumbsup:

Great!!! Thanks for your support!

Four days and counting!! :smiley:


click here>> RealCatholic TV <<click here

Tune in. Get Real!

Daily news, commentary, Church history, “The Shadow Priest”, and more!!

The world’s FIRST Catholic television channel on the Internet!

I’ve been on the site and am really loving it. I really like the news format. I get most of my news through the internet, so this is definitely a great new source.

The “Today’s History” and “Today’s Saint” is also very enjoyable and informative - especially today’s “Today’s History” regarding the passing of Mother Teresa.

Thanks for pointing me to it!!!

Awesome!! So glad you like the site! :thumbsup:

Don’t forget that there will be a bunch of new programs in October for Premium Subscribers too, in addition to all the free stuff!



Have you visited this site? If you have not you should at least give it a try.

In His love

Catholic Deacon

Totally agree. :thumbsup:

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