@realDonaldTrump appeals Twitter Public Forum Lawsuit


It’s a video, so there’s no text to copy and paste.

But to make a long story short a couple of months ago or so it was ruled that President Trump had to unblock people from his Twitter account because it was a first amendment violation. About a month ago some people were unblocked. Now the ruling is being appealed on the grounds that @realDonaldTrump is a private account and not a government account that he had years before he came president. It is argued that the account did not become morph from a private account to a public forum by sending tweets. It is also argued that blocked people can still send tweets and tag the people they like; that the first amendment gives you rights to speak (Which the people still can) but not to listen.


Was it ruled? The judge really only offered an opinion since there was no order associated with it. If I were Trump I would ignore this opinion and not even bother appealing it since it has no authority.


It was a ruling with no teeth. The judge said since it is assumed that Trump is a law abiding citizen that it would not be necessary to do any more than tell him that he should unblock the people.


I wonder how often judges just assume defendants are law abiding citizens and will not follow their opinion with an order? I wish all government worked like this judge, at least how she works in this one particular case. Of course she was really just being tricky and thinking herself clever.


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