Realistic fake trees?


Does anyone have experience with the new polyethelene kind? Where they make a mold of an actual living tree, so it’s very detailed and life-like? Something like this one?

I NEVER thought I’d be considering a fake tree, as the real ones are just about my favorite thing in the world, but it’s looking like my choices are fake tree or dead real tree. DH promised we could always have a real one, but failed to mention the differences between European and American Christmas trees. And I was too dumb to anticipate them. Since there is no space to grow Christmas trees, and you’re not allowed to cut down any wild ones, and the types are weird and halloweenish and exuding enough sap to coat everything in your house, and the North Sea weather makes them start out looking like the American ones do when they’ve been thrown out on the curb mid-January…I’m adjusting what I went to what’s possible.

Actually, I’d probably still get a sickly little one if they smelled like I feel a Christmas tree should, but there’s nothing there :frowning:

Is anyone else a real tree lover, who’s been forced to go artificial? Is it possible to enjoy a fake tree, without feeling like you have a huge hunk of ugly plastic sitting in your house? Have you seen/felt any of the new polyethelene kinds in person?


Yankee Candles has a Christmas Tree scent that will make your house smell like the best tree ever:

We have always had an artificial tree - you will find then not that bad :slight_smile:


Thank you for the support, I’m trying to be positive, though part of me just wants to cry :o :slight_smile:

Adding another scent is a good idea, thank you!


Considering the fact that a I am allergic to a real Christmas tree, artificial is really nice! It sure beats being sick during Christmas because I feel like I have a bad cold;).

Are you overseas for just a couple of years? If so then look at it as a temporary thing - or, you might find that you really do like the fake one better than a real one.

To get the smell can you get boughs or other smaller pieces of evergreens? This is one way to get the smell, have some of the real thing but still not get one of what you are finding as an awful tree.

Brenda V.


Last Christmas we had a friend look in on our house while we were away. He saw our fake tree and thought it looked so nice, it would be a shame if it dried out before we returned. So he watered it! It took him a minute to figure out why the water was going all over the floor! :slight_smile:

We got our tree from this company: I believe we got a green Douglas Fir. While the trees don’t smell like real trees, they can fool people.

I’ve always had fake trees, but I can understand how it can be upsetting not having the type of tree you’d like, especially when you’re far from home at Christmas.


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