Realistic image?


I often try to form a mental image of Our Lord and of Our Lady, has anyone seen what has been described by people who have had private revelations a realistic image or statue of this nature?


This is what I picture them as:



Thank you CajunJoy, I’ve read before that Our Lady is supposed to be beauty itself, and Our Lord looks wonderful too.


Look up the Shroud of Turin. That’s a good reference for how Jesus looked.


My favorite from private revelation



As far as an image of Christ from private revelation, I would think the Vilnius image, the original Divine Mercy image would come to mind. This is the painting by Eugene Kazimierowski, and it was painted under St. Faustina’s direction. It’s the only image she ever saw.


For Mary, my favorite by far is Our Lady of Czestochowa:

I don’t know how realistic it is though…


Legend has it that it was painted by St. Luke on a cedar table top from the house of the Holy Family


Wisdom 7:26 26 For she (Mary) is a reflection of eternal light(Jesus),a spotless mirror of the working of God,and an image of his goodness.


They look rather European, although I guess everyone sees them in their own way. But in truth, if we took all of the brown Near-Eastern people and refugees out of the Holy Family, we would be left with a donkey and some sheep in our nativity scenes. I have often thought that if we somehow learned to treat one another with the reverence we show for the Holy Family I think it would help us to make some progress on a practical level. Therefore, I humbly submit my image of Mary and Jesus.



I note that the OP’s original question asked for images “from private revelation”, which means a vision of Jesus or Mary.

Those who see private revelation visions of Jesus or Mary tend to see them as looking similar to their own ethnicity. Mary for example has appeared in approved apparitions to people in different parts of the world, looking very different. At Guadalupe she appeared to be a mestiza, at Fatima she looked Portuguese. These realistic images probably differ from how the “historical Mary” looked.

The image I posted of Jesus is from a private revelation to a visionary currently on the path to sainthood in the American Midwest and looks like the people of my home state/ area, where the visionary also lived. That is why I like it. Again, historical Jesus may very well have looked different.


The power of an icon does not reside in its being accurate but symbolic enough. Faith is based on what you can’t see. Whatever it is you are using is fine.

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