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As I post, I am watching the EWTN Mass. There is a priest from the Marian Movement of Priests giving the homily. He keeps referring to the locutions of Father Gobbi. I thought these were not approved and not to be believed.
I am really disappointed in EWTN, if this is the case. Or am I mistaken and these locutions are approved?


From what I have read, and it’s hard on issues like these to find the truth!, it does not seem it cannot be discussed but it has to be discussed in proper format:

Fr. Gobbi received a letter from an official of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith asking him to state explicitly that the messages are merely his own meditation. Fr. Gobbi has said that in good conscience he could not deny what he believed to be true. Seeking clarification of his responsibilities, he sought counsel from a higher authority in the Holy See and was assured that this letter was merely a request by the monsignor who wrote it and not an act of the Congregation. Nonetheless, it is perpetuated by some as judgment of the Holy See condemning Fr. Gobbi. In reality, the Marian Movement of Priests continues to meet regularly in Rome and elsewhere with the permission and participation of bishops.


Thank you for the speedy reply. Now I am sorry that I threw away a booklet promoting the organization that I brought home from the doctor’s office. I read a few pages and thought “this doesn’t sound right” (the receptionist told me to feel free to take any of the reading material on a certain table)


I followed the same Mass as you did IndyAnn and sat here tonight with the same doubts.

Did a search for “Fr Gobbi locutions” and was dismayed by most of what I saw, but how to decide whether the stuff on those sites is true?

Seems to me like there’s a real simple answer for all the confusion surrounding issues like this: the Church should have an official page (not private or personal sites) where people can go to look up stuff like this. If the particular appartions/locutions/teachings are accepted, rejected or still under investigation, we could find out there and not have to rely on the (dubious?) results from a search engine.

After all, it’s the information age, so let’s get the truth out there…


I, too did an internet search and am still confused. Most of the sites, had negative reports for Father Gobbi. (except, of course the ones promoting the MMP)
Father Groeshel was on Bookmark today, talking about his book, “Still Small Voice” which deals with discernment of private revelation. He said something to the effect that if you know the name of a visionary before they are dead, you can be pretty sure that their messages are not of God.(except for children because in their naaitivity they would tell someone)
So I am very surprised and disappointed that EWTN would have this priest deliver the homily.


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