Really discouraged right now


There’s always been family **** in my family or origin, especially with my mother. She has so many deep-seated issues that I don’t know how she even functions. I’ve prayed to our Saviour Jesus, asking that His Mother would speak and soothe the hearts of both my mother and father (I get along very well with my Dad, always have) and especially settle my mother’s many issues so she and my father–and the rest of us as an extended family–can be at peace.

Yesterday, all of us kids and our families gathered at my folks’ house last night for early Christmas celebrating. The evening was going SO extremely well–and my mother had even made small relational strides with me in the weeks previous–and then she launched a verbal and emotional salvo at me that left the gathering in shambles, many of us in tears and my husband so livid it’s a wonder he settled enough to get some sleep. I for sure didn’t.

I know that our Saviour Jesus is right next to me at this moment, but right now, I’m so weary and worn with the whole thing that I just don’t even give a flip about praying for her anymore. :frowning: I’m just so discouraged that I want to say (pardon the vernacular) “screw her”. Permanently.


Wow, I’m so sorry this happened. I’ll be praying for you, hon.


Been there! There have been several recent threads about difficult families–especially around the holidays. Just take a break from Mom for awhile. Pray for her. Set boundaries that are reasonable. Maybe a phone call once a week or so to see how parents are doing or a once a month dinner. Love her from afar, at least for a little while. Know that you can’t change her. Only yourself. Easier said than done! I work on this all the time. Praying for you…



Praying for you!:crossrc:

God Bless


:console: I wanted to share this with you, it’s from a daily devotional from LHLA. I posted this on another thread but thought you may benefit from it, if not just now, maybe a bit later…:signofcross:

December 16, 2007

"We should love and feel compassion for those who oppose us, since they harm themselves and do us good, and adorn us with crowns of everlasting glory."
St. Anthony Zaccaria

For Reflection:
I will reflect on this quote and meditate on its wisdom. How does this change my attitude and disposition of heart toward those who offend, injure, or hurt me?


Perhaps you can change your prayer approach? Don’t pray for your parents to change…pray for change in YOURSELF.

Pray that you have the Grace to interact with them. Pray that God gives you the grace to handle things peacefully. Pray that God grants you and your husband the wisdom to realize you cannot control this situation. Pray that God brings peace to your heart, so that you do not “bring this home” so that is causes stress in your marriage. Pray that God will give you the gift of discernment so that you can decide when it is proper to back away from them if need be.

You have been praying for God to change your parents, and you are discouraged that it has not happened. It may never happen if your parents are not open to the Grace. Keep praying for them, but try and change your focus to yourself and your own family.

I had to do this. It felt very odd at first but the changes in my life have been nothing short of miraculous.

Hope this helps.


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