Really good news fror our family!


My boss has agreed to let me work from home, starting at the end of the month, when my husband will be starting his new job.

This is really, really good news for our family. It will save us so much money! We were counting on some sort of flexibility, since otherwise the costs of childcare and working would literally eat away at my husband’s entire paycheck. But this means we can keep EVERYTHING except taxes and commuting costs! Since both of our jobs end by April 15th, and the baby is due January 22nd, we really need the money.

I’m also really excited about (a) spending two hours a day less on work, because I can stop commuting (which takes 2 hours a day) and (b) being able to spend time with my children. Having to, actually :smiley: Poor me, having to spend the entire morning interacting with two of the most wonderful little girls in the entire world (I might be slightly biased :wink: )!

The only worry we have left is that my husband will now be working when I give birth, and I wasn’t planning on maternity leave. Since I earn about double what he does, I might ask him to see if he can get a week or two off to help me make the transition while I keep working. My job is all computer work, and I have an AWESOME nursing pillow that will allow me to work at the computer while I breastfeed :slight_smile: but I was really counting on DH to watch the older children while I work.

Please say a big “Thank You!” to God for this blessing he has given our family - and for my wonderful, understanding boss. Also, my boss’s wife is pregnant as well, due on Sunday. Please pray for her to have an easy birth, and for their family to have an easy transition from a family of three to a family of four.


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