Really Great Stem Cell Research News

Really Great Stem Cell Research News. “Researchers at Harvard and Advanced Cell Technology are reporting that they have been able to turn ordinary skin cells into stem cells by dousing them with the proteins made by four specific genes. The researchers were then able to turn the stem cells into mature cells of various tissues.”

This is good news. Hopefully, all of the test runs will prove out the concept. It surprises me that the embryonic stem cell research supporters fail to mention the tissue rejection problem and the creation of tumors problem. Or the biggest problem - we all started life as a human embryo - you are killing a human being.

May God help us,


There have been a few items like this in the past, where the moral issues of stell cell research may be avoided because of a new technique.
I used to get excited about it but I think there is more to this issue then just science and scientific research.
I believe there is a principle involved as well…

Adult Bone Marrow Stem Cells Injected into Skeletal Muscle Can Repair Heart Tissue

BUFFALO, N.Y. – University at Buffalo researchers have demonstrated for the first time that injecting adult bone marrow stem cells into skeletal muscle can repair cardiac tissue, reversing heart failure.
Using an animal model, the researchers showed that this non-invasive procedure increased myocytes, or heart cells, by two-fold and reduced cardiac tissue injury by 60 percent.
The therapy also improved function of the left ventricle, the primary pumping chamber of the heart, by 40 percent and reduced fibrosis, the hardening of the heart lining that impairs its ability to contract, by up to 50 percent.


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