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So, after really thinking, I am no longer a deist. I am a Catholic. I was only a deist for a week, but it was terrible. I began studying the universe and evolution and realized that evolution proves God interacts with all creatures, no matter in what time frame. I always believed in evolution, but now it has shown me Gods beauty. I have realized that faith is a good thing. And I believe that I had received a miracle 6 months ago. What I do want to say is it s a late Wednesday evening. How do I go about changing my ways now?

P.S. I use to be a very serious Catholic, considering religious life.


Not knowing everything about you, this would be my advice. If you were/are a Catholic and received all your sacraments (baptism, eucharist, confirmation…) I would think the first step would be retuning to the Church. Go back to confession. It may be really scary. I am a convert and had to do a 27 year confession. I felt so blessed afterwords…like a new person. My husband had been away from the church for 15 years…he came out feeling like a new man. Changed our lives so much…and for the better. After returning to the sacraments, look into expanding your education in the faith. Read, browse good web sites, listen to good Catholic radio, talk to good friends about what you are going though. If you don’t feel like you have anyone to turn to, turn to us. You can PM me if you just need someone to chat with about the changes you are going through, as I went through many things over the past several years. But, in general, welcome home! I am glad you made the choice to believe again!!!


Embrace the Sacrament of Confession


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Embrace the Sacrament of Confession


I would agree with you, but at the same time I can` t. I go monthly. The thing is none of these actions were done against my conscience. To me God, just did not seem logical. Therefore, to confess it is not very Thomistic.


Then if you've been to confession, just move on. Don't worry that whether past things were or weren't done against your conscience; you are now back in the fold.

Read and study the faith, particularly from a logic/reason point of view. In that regard, any book by Peter Kreeft would be up your alley. Welcome back!


Since you mention logic & Thomistic, have you read the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas?


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