Really late but... Hillary C?

I come from an immigrant family. We currently reside in the US and this question is pretty late but… voting for hillary a sin? I dont vote myself, but my parents who I live with voted for Hillary, as they were disgusted by Donald Trumps remarks that most would say are racist. I dont like going into politics at all, but would voting for hillary be a sin, of course not for her pro choice things, that I completely disagree with, and I applaud Donald trump for being pro life. Many Catholics I know voted her, because they were just disgusted towards his remarks, but we have came across a few families who said we were commiting a mortal sin. Would it be a grave sin to vote for her??? Really late question but I only just heard of CAF. Btw i dont think my family didnt really know of her pro choice stance when voting, so im pretty sure we didnt sin, but what about those who do know her stance, but voting for a completly different reason?

@JamalChristophr ahh okay, but how would you feel about my family? We have been attending church and receiving Eucharist for the past couple of years, not thinking much about our vote until now? My parents dont think anything would be wrong now, as they literally only voted for her because they simply were really offended my donald trump. And we currently do not have time to make it to confession, as we are going to visit my grandfather before he is… yea

i really dont wanna bring this up ti my parents because their grieving greatly right now

Btw… we are from the philippines, a country who treats abortion very seriously, like we cant let it be done. Like everyone I know from there are strict catholics but hate trump… this is why i dont like politics

I personally don’t think you and your family are in a state of mortal sin, but I would really encourage confession as soon as you can. I don’t like giving advice in these kind of situations because there’s a chance I could be wrong.

Father is the right person to ask on this question…


God Bless!


@JamalChristophr ah okay thank you! God Bless.

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[quote=“Lavlab, post:1, topic:533790, full:true”]. I dont like going into politics at all,

@Lavlab , you say you don’t like going into politics at all .

Who are you trying to kid ?:roll_eyes:


Voting for a person because they are pro-choice is a sin. Voting for a pro-choice person in spite of their views isn’t necessarily a sin if there is proportional reason to vote for them or against the other person.

This proportional reason would have to be up to the informed and prudential judgement of the person doing the voting. Speaking for myself I would never vote for either of them, but I can see how it wouldn’t be a sin to vote for either one as well.

Peace and God bless!


Not only is Hillary a rabid pro-abortion politician, she’s no friend to Catholics or the Church


Her Wikileaks revealed that she had plans to secretly infiltrate the Church with liberal ‘Catholics’ to “plant the seeds for revolution”. It sounds very similar to what the Communist party did in the 1930s.

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It’s pretty much how the Swedish church got absolutely ruined. The politicisation of the church have infested it with leftist ideology and anti semitism, the red wave in the 60s and 70s tainted the education of priests, in general the whole church with majority of the priests and bishops (and arch bishop) spout socialism and rarely talk about Jesus other than to support the ideology.

Hearing a Swedish priest preach is an exercise in surviving being bombarded with socialistic nonsens.


The gravity of voting for particular politicians matter only if you are voting for them because of that position or if despite reasonable alternatives you could vote for another.

If your parents weren’t voting for Hilary Clinton due to her very pro-choice platform they aren’t guilty of grave sin (I know many of my CAF fellows are ready to tear me a new one in my DMs but so be it!).

If your parents voted for her knowing her very pro-choice stance because the alternative is worse in other regards, then I’d have to agree with the conservatives that this is remote cooperation with evil.

If your parents voted for her knowing her very pro-choice stance and knowing that voting for a so-called “pro-life” Republican won’t actually result in a pro-life conclusion, then your parents voted with their conscience and it’s a vote I personally agree with.

Pres. Trump is a fraud. We will not get any more “pro-life” justices from him anymore than we have from the last three Republican presidents. Kavanaugh was given his position in order to potentially exonerate the president later on.

I myself voted for Hilary not because I agree with her abortion policy (I don’t), but because I realize now that the Republicans are full of nonsense, and won’t actually do anything to change the laws. I won’t keep voting for them in hopes that they’ll do something all the while they vote against mine, and so many other people’s economic and social interests.



Really? Any evidence for this extraordinary claim?


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I voted third party. I actually don’t even remember the name of the guy but his published platform matched with my morals somewhat better than the others. Of course, some say that was throwing away my vote. Would be nice if we had more real choices than voting for the lesser of two evils.


Voting your conscience is not a sin, as long as you don’t vote for anyone who is actively trying to destroy the Church. The Church in USA does not require you to vote for a particular candidate.

The fact that individual Catholics you meet (including many of the more traditional or conservative ones on CAF) might consider a vote for Hillary to be a sin, or might also consider a vote for Trump to be a sin, does not make these votes sinful. We have been through this before in the past. There were Catholics who thought that all Catholics had to vote for Ronald Reagan and that it was wrong to vote for his opponents.

I note that there are also many Catholic posters on CAF who think supporting Trump is a sin. They tend to hang out in the Social Justice and World News subforums.

I would say that about half the Catholics in USA voted for Hillary, as did half the people in USA in general. Don’t worry about it. And for heaven’s sake, don’t fall into the trap of worrying that your vote might be a sin.


Yes, unfortunately there is no candidate whose party embraces all the teachings of the Catholic Church. The VP candidates were just as annoying - on the one hand you had fallaway Catholic Pence who was against abortion but on the other hand you had Kaine making a big deal out of his Catholicism while supporting abortion (and his kid going out and violently rioting). Truly a “hold your nose and vote” whichever side you picked.


They all have to start somewhere. That third party might be the largest one if people vote for him/her instead of the other two. When the “big two” are to old then new ones have to come and it is not set in stone that the old parties are going to be the ones ruling the country in the future.

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Priests in the USA aren’t supposed to take political positions.
Father may not want to get involved in this discussion in order to avoid any violation of that rule, especially since if he posts here, he would be leaving a “paper trail” of posts on the Internet for all to see.

I think the reaction of the Bishop of Pittsburgh and perhaps some other places was the best one - the churches were open all night the night before the election (unusual for USA, they are usually locked) so people could go in and pray, about how to vote or pray for the country or pray for peaceful resolution of the election or anything else they needed to pray for.


It is ok to vote your conscience. It is not ok to vote for pro-abortion candidates because you want them to promote pro-abortion policies.

The church does not endorse political candidates, and does not require you to vote for Trump or anyone else who finds it politically expedient to declare a pro-life position.


I’m no confessor, but I’d say there’s no mortal sin in this case. It’s a mortal sin to intentionally vote for someone specifically for their pro-choice views. But, voting for someone because you are disgusted with the other candidate is another story. It’s a bit of a grey area and these things take discernment. Personally, I voted third party because I was unimpressed with both major party candidates.


They can take positions that line up with Church teaching (abortion, marriage, etc.). They just can’t tell you to support a certain candidate or party.

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