Really late but... Hillary C?


Your ‘evidence’ is an opinion piece by someone described, in the opinion piece no less, as “a Republican political analyst and media strategist, and … a senior adviser to Governor Mitt Romney”. Most unimpressive.


Before I vote for any candidate, I look at all of the issues that have an effect on me and my family. I would not vote for or against any candidate based on one issue.
As a working class person, I would favor a candidate who favored affordable, quality health care, higher minimum wages, lower costs for prescription drugs, putting more money into social security (not privatizing it), and extending medicare. These are all things that the Republican Party has worked against over the years.
The main reason I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016 had to do with his seemingly racist and misogynistic stand.
HIs lack of civility towards others truly bothered me as a Christian person.
I know that many politicians are non-civil at times, but he took mean-spiritedness to a new level.


What about the theory or principle that just one point or platform or mission of an otherwise favorable politican was something so heinous and morally abhorrent to the natural law. Could voting for a person who held that position be justifiable? I’m just asking because this is a case that is often made by pro-life voters.

I"m curious to hear what people would have to say on this moral theory of deciding on who to choose as a leader if such a situation were to be the case. Maybe that’s not a principle of catholic social justice theory or moral theology. I’m just wondering about the principle itself mainly.


There seems to be quite a bit of controversy (lots of people have gone to jail and more have been indicted) surrounding our current President. Will your support his re-election in 2020?


It seems that voting is more of an elimination process than it is a selection process. :joy::face_with_raised_eyebrow::disappointed_relieved:


I didn’t say I endorsed Trump. But I will under no circumstance vote for someone like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker or Kirsten Gilibrand


Discuss this with a priest.
It might be a sin but the priest will tell you whether or not - and how grave it might be etc.


I didn’t vote. Is that a sin?


Why would you choose evil? I’ll never choose evil. That, in my opinion, is a mortal sin.


Actually, it does say in the Catechism of the Catholic Church that we are obligated to vote, or something along those lines. Someone here can hopefully flesh that out or show the Catechism reference. (I’m having a brain fog filled day so maybe someone here will articulate it better and more thoroughly.)

I’m not getting on my high horse, I did not vote in the last presidential election, maybe for a legitimate reason, I’m not sure, but I feel like the catechism is correct.


I’ve heard that. Just curious, what’s the difference between voting for a candidate who has absolutely zero chance of winning or not voting at all? My conscience would not allow me to vote for a viable candidate. The last time I voted was in the 2008 primaries.

I’ll never choose between the lesser of the evils. I don’t care what the CCC or anything says. I have my Maker to face at judgment day and I don’t want to have to explain why I supported evil.


Thank you all for the answers! It talked to my father about this situation about Hillary (ngl he was kinda annoyed i was bringing this up after 2 years) and he told me that he chose Hilary because he believed trump was evil as well. He agrees that her beliefs are disgusting, but since we live in an immigrant community, as we are immigrants our selves, he chose hillary because of how ignorant trump was being (dont bash please lmao). Ill admit this as well, at the time of the election, I really wanted hillary to win because first female president. But I didnt know of her evil beliefs and such. People at my school always made trump out to be the evil demonish one, but if only i had known the truth back then :man_shrugging:. But atm, i feel as if trumps being a great president. Homestly idk lmao. But thanks for all your answers.


I’m sure the topic has been discussed big time before.
One of those potential flamitory threads that can turn .


Could you vote for someone who is openly supportive of abortion? Like say someone such as Andrew Cuomo? I know for me personally I couldn’t


What do you mean?


When I vote for a candidate, I look at everything a candidate stands for.
I am not a one issue voter.
I do not like abortion, but there are so many other issues, including euthanasia, health care, death penalty, social security, minimum wage, veterans benefits, maternity leave, immigration reform, etc.


Yes, things that someone like Hillary is never actually going to do anything about. Because politicians like her are the status quo.


When is the Parousia again? I forgot.


How is that an opinion? These are actual conversations found on Clinton’s email server.


The last election was pretty sad for me. The stance on abortion for each candidate was dictated by the party they represented. My suspicion is that Secretary Clinton was not as hard set on abortion as she had to be. If you are paying attention, most stances our President takes are fluid and frankly what ever makes him look good. What really amazes me is that Secretary Clinton actually has fairly centrist (by the standard of 2-3 decades ago) and pro-liberal trade inclinations. She had to be dragged into rebuking Trans-Pacific Partnership. Her husband has very similar inclinations. He signed one of the first attempts to add things like a work requirement to federal aid and was instrumental in the last time we had a balanced budget about 20 years ago. But all of this qualifies as hard left nowadays.

As far as voting on stances regarding abortion, let’s be honest, nothing much will change. Ever notice that once a candidate is elected they rarely take any action one way or another? We really need to stop pigeon holing candidates by the silly and unlikely to change things such as gun control, abortion, federal aid, etc. I’m more interested in what qualifications the candidate brings to the table and platform outside the stance check boxes they might have to conform to. To me Secretary Clinton was not the ideal choice; but I felt that voting for Trump was an amoral condoning of racist and misogynistic values.

While there is a popular feeling that people outside politics are required, I think term limits are the way to go. This is especially true in Congress which was intended to change frequently such as to represent the current will of the people, congress representatives should not have a 30 or 40 year career. I want people who are experienced politicians to occupy the highest ranks. You would never tolerate this in the private sector and being rich or a CEO is not the same as the measured power that someone like a President must consider.

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