Really late but... Hillary C?


Hello everyone please excuse ny bad grammar! Its 12 am! I got my mothers stance on this! She told me that she believes abortion and euthanasia is horrible and wrong. She respects others beliefs on it though. She told me that she voted Hillary, because she believed that she was smarter and had principles (she did not know that hilary was trying to destroy the church, when i told her she was shocked). She said that she voted hillary because she knew that she had her own logic even though its wrong. My mother also told me that she disliked trump because she didnt seen any logic or back-round on his immigration opposition (which she believed could be a grave sin?) She also didnt think he was really the brightest lmao (dont attack haha). So I see where she is going, with her voting for Hillary because she was smarter, my mother said she saw some “attempt” of good in her heart, because she said that she thought hillarys trying to do her best to be good, even though we all know its wrong. (My mom said hillary gets a b- for effort haha). She said that Trump was just ignorant, and just is all over the place with women, and she didnt see any good in him at all, and believed he was a greater evil than hillary. Imho, I agree with my mother that Hillarys smarter and had her own logic, even though its wrong, whereas trump had none. What do yall think of my moms stance? I asked her if it was a sin, and she said she didnt think so because they voted for her because they thought she was more intelligent than trump as he was ignorant and disgusting And believed he was evil too and she disagreed with her euthanasia beliefs. Based on those posts I think we good :massage_woman:‍♀ hopefully no more stressing out during church. And I heard if some trolls on this site, so before any question my mothers intelligence or anything she went to an Ivy league school back in her day (really irrevelent but okay)


In my experience, Democrats vote for Democrats. Republicans vote for Republicans. Rarely do they cross party lines.

Before my father passed away in 2008, he was the delegate for Obama in his city. I would have been happy to vote for him as well. In fact, that ended up being his dying wish. Two days before the election, I found out Obama was pro-abortion. So I couldn’t vote for him.

Abortion, for me, is the main issue in deciding which candidate to vote for. Regardless of whether that candidate is Democrat or Republican, it comes down to that one issue. It’s the one thing I won’t compromise on.

My late priest always encouraged us to vote our conscience and ask God to guide us when voting. If both candidates are pro-abortion, you look at the other issues and decide which candidate is the lesser of two evils.

Given that both Hillary and Trump support things I’m opposed to, I had to decide in this election which was the lesser of two evils. I pray I’m not faced with that kind of decision again.


@lilypadrees wait Obamas pro choice? Dang, I loved him as our president. Shame, such a good guy. And yea, deciding the lesser of two evils is pretty hard. My mom chose hillary because she believed that hillary was smarter and tried to have some sort of logic whereas trump had none. And I agree that they both stood for horrible things, but I guess my family being immigrants, chose Hillary. I mean, Im pretty sure most immigrant Catholics voted for her, and I do think Hillarys a smart woman compared to trump, and I see why many Catholics voted for her. I just wish people can see abortions murder.


@AlbertDerGrosse My parents told me they voted Hillary, because they were simply disgusted with the way Trump acted. They said that at least Hillary was more intelligent than him and that she actually had her principles. Whereas Trump… But yea I do agree he is a fraud, and that we have better, pro life candidates next year.


And do any of them say what you said in your comment? And did you notice the piece was called an ‘opinion piece’? Have you checked the accuracy and context of the quotes?


The quotes are accurate. I saw them on Wikileaks at the time they first came out.




In post 29, I posted a link to then-Cardinal Ratzinger’s discussion of whether it was a sin to vote for a candidate who favored keeping abortion legal.

If one votes for such a candidate for proportionate reasons other than their stance on abortion, that is acceptable.

It does not sound like anybody’s parents committed any sins in voting for Hillary.

And even if they had, sometimes the best thing to do is to pray for them, which you should be doing anyway.


Some call it “pro-choice.” It’s really “pro-abortion.” Because it would be his first term if elected, his views on abortion were very difficult to find. That’s why I asked my priest for advice on how to vote in such a situation. (Priests aren’t allowed to tell you who to vote for. And I wouldn’t want them to do that. But they can advise you in other ways so you can make an informed decision.)


Also, some can be found in posts 20 to 25 of this thread.


Obama is even beyond pro abortion. He’s pro infanticide. In Illinois Senate he opposed Bill 1663 guaranteeing baby born alive right to not be killed. He even stood up and started asking barrage of questions about how this bill protecting a born alive baby creates difficulties for the “doctor” and the “patient”…notice he uses “patient” singular because the born alive baby is not a human thus doesn’t count as a patient. The audio is on youtube , don’t want to provide link unless breaks forum rules


(A) Killing a million babies is same as
(B) ensuring person claiming to be child’s parent is in fact their parent, to protect child from trafficking

This is the moral relativism of modernism St Pius X warned us about


That’s the reason a lot of people voted for Clinton, or for a third-party candidate.


And so…what?


Okay. I’ll play along for a little bit until I get bored…

Tim Kaine was no practicing Catholic. He went along with abortion and same sex marriage.
He called himself “Catholic” and maybe even showed up for Mass, but all that went away when it was politically expedient for him to do so.


We are all talking about the President and abortion. That always seems to be the case. But, what we really need to be discussing is whether or not you are voting for pro-life state officials and US congressmen!

By comparison, the President has little impact on life issues. We need pro-life legislation and a pro-life amendment to the constitution in order for things to change. Not to mention, a pro-life Congress can override any desires of a pro-choice President and vice versa.


Does Tim Kaine have the political record of someone who is a practicing Catholic? Or does he wear the label of Catholic when it personally suits him but not when it doesn’t? And how much weight would a Tim Kaine have on Hillary as a supposedly practicing Catholic? Not very much.

Because more often than not a person’s political career dies when they become VP. The last president to become president after serving as VP was Bush 41. It’s been 30 years at this point


Hillary would never pick an actual practicing Catholic because they would refuse to serve a boss who is vocally supportive of abortion.


Respectfully opinion only pondering on this :thinking:
Not taking either side
Asking does one have sources?
Actions we are told speak louder then words do they not?

Written…You will know them by their fruits…instructions given how to determine such?

What has he accomplished asking kindly?
Has one searched this out?
Searching facts out, one can list them but too many to list.

Who said during the campaign, how is he going to create jobs? Or bring companies back? Wages will not increase get use to it, those days are gone?
How is he going to do it with a chuckle? :thinking:
Asking does he have a magic wand?.. :thinking:

Searching accomplishments, finding out he proved them all wrong did he? :thinking:
Guess he must of had a magic wand, did he? :thinking:

He spoke the truth in the campaign debate what she would do on this serious moral issue, and what has taken place?
Exactly what he told us right?:thinking:

Reported by other Nations Leader.( have source plus video). stating you all might not like what he says or how he says it nor do I at times… But lets be honest …he is the only elected candidate who has kept and fulfilling his campaign promises to the people who elected him on all fronts, in the first 2 yrs…the border wall is the last to be accomplished is it not?

It is not a sin if one is not fully informed, or has been deceived is it?
Did Jesus not teach us thou…it is our personal responsibility to seek and search out all truths, nor did Jesus accept what others told him to think did he, right?:thinking:

Asking was Jesus not falsely accused, greatly persecuted, was named called as being this or doing that and even falsely accused of being satan himself?
To later find out Jesus was fully innocent of what others were falsely accusing him of being and doing? :thinking:

Is there not a long recorded history of those who falsely accuse others of being and doing this or that, to find out they were the very ones doing it themselves, is this not true? :thinking:

Written…Search out the scriptures and look for that pearl within…:thinking:
Written…Let your yes be yes and your no be no…:thinking:
Question Jesus did not just accept what others told them to think, did he? :thinking:

What party celebrated and applauded this when they got their law passed, applauding such? :thinking:

What does God have to say to make it known along with signs?

Romans 1:32… Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do theses very things but also give hearty approval to those who practice such…

Isaiah 5:33 They take bribes to let the wicked go free and they punish the innocent…

Respectfully toward all, not taking sides only seeking out all truths, you will know them by their fruits, right? :thinking:

About those who deceive…
Jeremiah 6:19 , 9:6:2
Corinthians 11:13
Ephesians 5:6
Peace …and believe not a sin either, but a sin once one is made aware of such truths, maybe? :thinking::heart:


Yes, it is a mortal sin. I was told by a priest that I needed to confess voting for Obama once. Fundamentally, I understand why. The reason voting for abortion is wrong is because abortion is wrong. A million people vote that one man dies, who killed him? Answer: all of them. Every hand was on the knife pushing down. Now, a million people vote to kill a guy, and get free pizza. Sure, you voted for pizza, but someone is still dead. Yes, Trump is loud, yes he has said a lot of things I disagree with, but to the best of my knowledge he is not murdering babies. The way is narrow. To those who are still unsure, Romans 13:1. He has a purpose, I just wish it was to follow God. I hope he doesn’t run for re-election, but I will be voting for him. I will vote pro-life, no exceptions. My conscience is clear from now on.


I don’t know to be honest. I wouldn’t vote for her in a million years.

The question is, are Donald Trump’s comments and actions regarding immigration worse than Hilary’s commitment to essentially kill more babies in abortion if she’s elected.

Just because you/your family are immigrants doesn’t mean you should put that issue above life.

I’m no Donald Trump fan, but Hilary is just too extreme for me to consider voting for as a Catholic.

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