Really late but... Hillary C?


I’m not sure where you come to that conclusion. Yes, he’s certainly not against abortion from what I can tell. But these bills (there were more) were trying to limit the current state of abortion as opposed to expanding it. Honestly I hear a Constitutional Law Professor grinding through the implications of the statues. It comes very close to the intent of Roe v Wade and might be ruled unconstitutional. Like a number things like this, it also creates burdens on a doctor’s ability to make medical decisions. If you think someone in the business of delivering babies likes to kill them, I think you’d be very mistaken.


Did you mean to reply to me? You response doesn’t relate to what I wrote…


You should read up on the Solidarity Party, they take a pro life position and other stances that line up with the Church, but they’re also in favor of things like environmental protection and consumer protection


Why doesn’t the Constitution matter to anyone? Why does it not matter that any of the major candidates care one whit about honoring their oath of office? Why do people fixate on what the government can give you when it’s not even within the government’s authority to do so? Anyone with even a very basic understandung of the Constitution knows that the two major parties have NO regard for it. But it’s all about ME ME ME. What has the government done for me lately? “FREE” food, health care, birth control, education, etc. We are a greedy, covetous generation with no morals. That’s how the two parties survive.


Do you not see any moral distinction between having one’s hand on the knife pushing down and declining to intervene when others do it? I realize they have moral similarities, but are they morally identical?


Agreed. But that didn’t show up in my search at the time. He and I were in agreement on so many issues, according to my Google search anyway, that it literally came down to the issue of abortion. I could not vote for him after learning his position.

Only after he was elected did I find out how many issues we do not see eye to eye on.


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