Really need advice please help!

Eventually I wil ask a priest but I need to know firsthand so I can plan accordingly.

I was married in an Eastern Catholic church but I am Eastern Orthodox. Husband is Eastern Catholic. Godparents who did the “exchanging of the crowns”,etc were Eastern Orthodox.

We have found Orthodox Godparents and want to baptize our baby daughter in the Eastern Orthodox church. Will the OC let us baptize her in an Orthodox church? We are of the same ethnicity. Any advice would be helpful,preferably from an Eastern Orthodox if possible, I am not too familiar with any Orthodox sites,many of them are Greek Orthodox
:-/. Thank You and God Bless!

Why don’t you ask the Orthodox priest?

I haven’t had a chance yet as I said at the beginning of the post. It’s been on my mind and I wanted to see if anyone knew off the bat.

It would be up to the priest.

My priest I do not think would; you excommunicated yourself by not getting married in the Orthodox Church.

Other priests may be more lenient.

Are you Greek Orthodox Rawb?

I know couples who didn’t even get married in a church,not married by a priest and still were able to baptize their children in the Orthodox Church,so I don’t see why not.

I never changed my religion-Eastern Catholic priest said I didn’t have to.

Rawb is correct and that is why I said you should ask the priest. It will vary from priest to priest. The Orthodox priest I know would also excommunicate you for not getting married in an Orthodox Church. You won’t get the real answer from any forum, it will be up to the priest how do deal with the situation, if he can apply ekonomia or what. Even among Greek Orthodox Churches, it would vary from priest to priest, bishop to bishop. They really have to talk to you and know your situation more before they judge on the matter.

Some priests will baptize the children of people who are not married in the church simply based on a promise they will have their marriage blessed or maybe some do it because they don’t want to argue. I’m not sure, but I know of a few cases of it. If they would baptize your child even if you are not married then probably you could. Why wouldn’t you want to have your child baptized in the church that you were married? The premarital counseling usually stresses that the children have to be raised Catholic. I think that is part of marrying a Catholic, so I am not sure what sin may be involved for your spouse.

OK. Sounds like I won’t get a real answer here.

My husband’s cousin and his wife got married in a Ukranian Catholic church and were able to baptize their children in an Orthodox Church(wife is Orthodox). The church belongs in the same branch of Orthodoxy as the church we want to baptize her in. So I’ll see.

What might save us is that we had Orthodox Godparents when we got married. I will have to be sure we mention that to the priest.

Thanks anyways.

Actually that promise is not required from a Catholic marryinig an Orthodox. I think it is the USCCB that had that guide for marrying someone of a different faith. If the spouse is Orthodox there is no requirement that the kids be raised Catholic. Given that the Catholic Church has a high regard to the authenticity of the Orthodox faith, they don’t mind if the kids are Orthodox.

Plus don’t forget, it was an Eastern Catholic Church which goes back to the topic What is the difference between Eastern Catholic vs Eastern Orthodox that is all over this section of the website. Sounds like even Eastern Catholic is different than Roman, but I am sure still easier to reciprocate(sp?) when it comes to these things.

Actually in our pre-marital counseling the EC priest said it would be up to the Orthodox priest whether he can baptize our children or not, because we asked him.

Sorry I didn’t realize that it was a church in communion with the holy see! It’s been one of those days :blush:

Sorry for being ignorant, what is USCCB?

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

It’s good to hear you were well advised by the ECC priest. :slight_smile:

Baptism is just the start of having children in your circumstance. In terms of raising a family with a mixed marriage of ECC and Orthodox, I know there are some similar couples who are on the byzcath forum. Only the priest of the Orthodox parish can answer the question you posed here, but you might want to connect with other mixed couples on Byzcath for other purposes. If the parish is large enough where you seek the Baptism that priest may be able to connect you with other Catholic/Orthodox couples in his parish who could share their experiences with you.

Apart from any possible issues of excommunication you might be under with the Orthodox, Catholic priests both ECC and Latin, and Orthodox priests at least in the US are more often unwilling to baptize children of families who are not a regular part of the parish, so hopefully you’ve been active in that Orthodox parish as well.

It’s a blessing your marriage has been fruitful with the gift of children. :slight_smile: Thank you for seeing they are able to receive the gifts of Baptism/Chrismation/Holy Eucharist and a life active in the Church.

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