Really overwhelmed


I would be ever grateful to any of you that would be willing to say a prayer for me. This is perhaps the most trying time of my life and almost all aspects of my life have taken on a lot of suffering. I have a father in questionable health, other needy family who I try hard to pray for and help, job is suffering now, and I’m heartbroken over a girl like I haven’t been in years and years.


All prayers will be returned with one for you.



The Blessing of St. Francis of Assisi to Brother Leo

The Lord bless you and keep you.
May He show His face to you and have mercy.
May He turn His countenance to you and give you peace.
The Lord bless you!



Heavenly Father,
Please be with your child in his time of need. Comfort him, hold him close. Send your angels to protect him. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen


Prayers are on the way. May the Lord’s strength and peace be with you.


MarcoPolo, I am so sad to see your request.
You must be truly close to our Lord to share His suffering this way. Thank you for offering to pray for us, too. Remember the psalmist’s phrase, “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.” He went through the valley – there was an end to the fear, worry, and pain.

St. Padre Pio, inspire Marco with your words that, “Bear in mind that the more the enemy (devil) assaults you, the closer God is to your soul. Think about, and penetrate this great and comforting truth.” Impress your words on his heart, that he may draw comfort from them at any moment.

have a father in questionable health,

St. Anne and Joachim, watch over Marco’s father. Encourage your grandson, the Divine Physician, to guide the doctors in his treatment and care.

other needy family who I try hard to pray for and help,

St. Rita, you consecrated your family to God alone, and you understand the heartache which comes from family when you love them so much you suffer when they do. Secure Marco and his family to your patronage.

I’m heartbroken over a girl like I haven’t been in years and years.

St. Augustine of Hippo, you know intimately a broken heart of a relationship and found solace only through letting God’s spirit work through you. Guide Marco in doing the same.

job is suffering now,

St. Joseph, help Marco to them to turn work into a high instrument of sanctification as you did. Each moment spent on task is made through the grace of the Holy Spirit. Help him to make that his motivation.

Victim Souls, look down on Marco’s sufferings which are closely mirrored to yours while you were on earth. We ask you, saints, angels, and martyrs to intercede for him before the Throne of Mercy for relief, ability to cope, and . We join our prayers with yours to God the Father, through Jesus Christ, Amen.

O Lord, this is all my desire – to walk along the path of life that Thou hast appointed me, even as Jesus my Lord would walk along it, in steadfastness of faith, in meekness of spirit, in lowliness of heart, in gentleness of love. And because outward events have so much power in scattering my thoughts and disturbing the inward peace in which alone the voice of Thy spirit is heard, do Thou, gracious Lord, calm and settle my soul by that subduing power which alone can bring all thoughts and desires of the heart into captivity to Thyself. All I have is Thine; do Thou with all as seems best to Thy divine will; for I know not what is best. Let not the cares or duties of this life press on me too heavily; but lighten my burden, that I may follow Thy way in quietness, filled with thankfulness for Thy mercy, and rendering acceptable service unto Thee. - Maria Hare (1798-1870)


Dear Sam…will keep you in daily prayer…may The Lord lift your burdens and grant you Joy and Peace…thank you for praying for us too…


Dear Sam,

May the Lord guide and protect you and may he lift your burdens and sorrows from your soul.

I will keep you in daily prayer.

God Bless!


Merciful God, embrace Sam with your loving arms of grace. Support him spiritually in his time of need, and assure him that, when he feels desolation his life has become the most Christ-like. Your Son felt abandoned on the cross, and three times asked for the chalice to pass from Him, but drank from it anyway. Christ did it for Sam, and intercedes for him with you, most blessed Father. In your loving kindness, accompany Sam as he crosses the spiritual desert and until he is safe on the opposite side. We ask this through Christ, our Lord, who lives and reins with You and the Holy Spirit, One God for ever and ever. Amen.




You are in my prayers, I will remember you at Mass this morning:gopray2:


Praying for you…


Sacred Heart of Jesus,

This man has a heart that is suffering, and other worries that we can only imagine, please see to his needs. Help us to rm’r that in your sufferings we can find strength to persevere and consolation that you too suffered alone. Glory to you that we no longer are isolated from each other but part of one body with you as the head. So we ask that this brother of ours be lifted up during his trial as we all seek to encourage him. Hear his longings and cries of his heart. We bring them to you this day.
Comfort him and heal his heart and do not allow him to get discouraged.



I am happy to pray. Praying that Jesus helps you bear your sadness and sufferings. God bless you.


I will pray for you


Heavenly Father, please show mercy to Your child Sam in these difficult times for him. In the name of Your son Jesus I pray. Amen.

I hope things ar egetting better for you, and that your father’s health is improving. I know hard and stressful times, I know them all too well. All I can tell you to help, beyond my prayers, is that we don’t know our capacity to deal with lifes problems. God will NOT give us more than we can handle - this I promise you. And when things get so, so difficult let God know in your prayers that you know that “He will not give you more than you can handle, but you wish He didn’t trust you so much.” :slight_smile: HE will smile on you, I know He will, and you WILL get through these difficult days my friend. :thumbsup:




Dear Sam,
I will be praying for you and all of your intentions.


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