Really scrupulous But

So there is a law not to go in a pool without a fence, but I have one of those above ground pools that aren’t very big though, it says It can be 1.2 metres tall to substitute for a fence but it isn’t even that, I’m confused, isn’t it a sin to break the law ?

What you’re describing is a potential health & safety issue. It’s not a sin.

There is no law that says you may not go in a pool without a fence. There is, however, a law that says you must have a fence around your pool, whether you go in it or not.

Get a fence.

Never mind the “sin” aspect. A small child can drown in a few inches of water. If one wanders into your yard and drowns, you have BIG problems!

From another post of yours I have realized that you are only 15.
Is that your pool? Are you responsible for it?
If not, you can just tell those hwo are resposnible about your concerns, mention what Captainrick replied…

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