Reason for Creation


I have chewed on this meat before. It does not appear to me to answer the question I posed but I shall chew some more and get back to you with my thoughts. Thank you for the reference.


Isaiah 45:18
"For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD; and there is none else."

So where could ‘evil’ has arose out of?

Genesis 4:1-2
" And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD. 2And she again bare his brother Abel."

knew: 3045. yada : acknowledge, acquainted with, advise, answer, appoint, assuredly, be aware

yada yada yada…

And Adam began to ‘experiment’ with Eve his wife, and she conceived. Soon after his discovery, he began to become bold.

Evil and strife against God may have arisen out of Adam’s security with himself when he learned how he could ‘please’ his wife and when he knew he was ‘the man’ in that territory.

For some, even today, to have such discoveries made by man can lead to that man becoming, within himself, as a god. He will sit upon his throne of assurance and he will cast all evil aside with a fling of his arm… or so the feeling is for moments here and there, right?

‘wars and fights’ between men over women or other issues relating to their individual worth as a man?

That is why there is a difference between ‘man’ and ‘Godly man’. The first is ‘self-sure’. The second is ‘humble’ enough to change.


God created us because He wanted us, with love. He then gave us attributes and free will so that we could choose to have a relationship with Him.



Could it possibly be that God loves each and everyone of us, as he loves himself?

Did the greatest commandments have a greatest meaning for God first?


When we are asking a ‘why’ to God, we should first ask why should God after all?
Whether we like it, believe it, accept it, or not, he wants to exist , he exists.
Biblical understanding is that, God is Spirit, God is Love.
Both seemed to be quite an abstract ones. We are concrete in appearance , but spirit in essence.
Concrete things are transient. where as Spirits are not. Again i considered from the catholic point of view. We may be able to kill the body, but cannot kill the soul. Nor can we create a single soul. And without soul body cannot exist. Soul can exist without the body.

There is a clue.
Now the eternal God created human out of love. Like a painter who contemplated about the painting in his mind, God contemplated about his creation in his mind from eternity.
Like the painting came into existence, the human beings, along with the wonderful creation came into existence.
Considering the question, why God created the creation , it is again LOVE
God is Love. Love is not God. Deeply mystical element. The concept of love.
Unless and until one comprehend what is Love, one cannot begin to know what is the Reason for Creation. One should be mindful, that one is trying to read the mind of God.

The beloved disciple , John lingered on and tried to comprehend. he reached somewhere. that is , GOD IS LOVE. God is Spirit.
So it looks like it is the coexistence God the Spirit, with the created spirits, or the souls in the crucible of love. The aberration , which was again predestined by God, the fall in the Garden of Eden did only magnify the theme of LOVE by the coming of the Redeemer, the Messiah.

Love can exist only if there is something or someone to be loved. God needed us.!!! !!! !!!
Once we grasp the theme of love, necessarily, the opposite comes to our mind. That is hatred.
Thus with out the creation to be loved, God is prevented from loving anything, anyone.

So God, in turn has to exist side by side. Or in unity. If the love vanish simultaneously, God vanish. By definition, God cannot vanish. Thus love need to be perpetuated.
Surely, the creation becomes the necessary for God to be present live in its purest sense.

Anything with imperfection cannot be loved without reservation. The created spirits are like God, but not God. They can be loved in the purest sense.


The creator , the God do can create, and do can destroy.
Man can destroy vary many things, but not the soul. Man can neither create the soul.
God can create the soul and also can destroy the soul.

But He does not will. so. The souls he has created is meant for eternity. That is his wish. His wisdom blossoms so. It is for us to unfold the mystery behind it.


God is Love. That’s the only explanation.


More precisely he wanted to share his love and existence for our sake, not because he needs to but rather because it is God’s eternal nature to love.


Could God love each and everyone of us as he loves himself? Here is a childlike and yet profound way to test the power of the greatest commandments; when looking for a purpose for the creation of the universe and life.

Before creation began, imagine God looking out into the vast empty void of space, and thinking, I have the power to create anything I want, what is the greatest good thing I can create?

God could create all the stars and planets and be a builder. He could create a whole variety of life with almost no intelligence like plants; and be a gardener. God could create life with more intelligence, he has now created the animal kingdom. And he is a farmer. God could create children in his own image, children who could love in the same perfect way that God loves and God would be a Father.

God could make a covenant with himself, and say he will love each and every one of his children as he loves himself. God could sow the commandments of love in our hearts, (conscience). God could give us the greatest commandment to love God in exactly the same way that God loves us. Because God loves everyone as he loves himself, he has given us the second greatest commandment to love all of my neighbours as I love myself.

Can there be any greater purpose to create the universe and life? Can God love us more than he loves himself?


Trapped in time, we experience creation in the sequence of time. From the perspective of the created, events in time are necessarily past, present and future.

But for the Uncreated, every moment in time is eternally present. God was not moved to create for God eternally creates. You and I are eternally present to the mind of God. There is no time that God did not love us.


I believe that God created us so that he could love us and we could love him.


The concept of time is interestingly brought into this discussion. See everything is created by God. Concrete and Abstract. Hence the stones, leaves, clouds which are concrete as well as the sound, color, tunes, memory, time, are often considered as abstract things.
God created everything. INCLUDING TIME. We the men with limited imaginative capacity may find it extremely difficult to conceive the beginning of time and end of time. But conceptually one should agree to that. Because they are after all creations.
Now how does the creation of human fit into the the created time frame is to be pondered.??


That is heresy. The Scriptures teach not only the potential of people being condemned to Hell, but that some actually will be condemned. While God indeed provides sufficient grace to all to be saved, not all will avail themselves of it. Our Lord gave us a glimpse of the Last Judgment, and He warned that many would be condemned. Since he spoke of them as people, and not as hypotheticals, we can speak with certainty that Hell exists and is not empty.


“Thou art worthy, o Lord our God, to receive glory, and honour, and power: because thou hast created all things; and for thy will they were, and have been created.” Apocalypse 4:11


Did God first love each and everyone of us as he loves himself?

Are we given the two greatest commandments so we can love in exactly the same way that God loves us?

Did the greatest commandments have a greatest meaning for God first?


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