Reasons Catholic Church is One True Church of Jesus in one page


You might be interested in this post:, which contains a free one-page leaflet on the ten reasons the Catholic Church is the one true Church:

It contains the reasons of the great recent converts to the Catholic Church: Scott Hahn, Peter Kreeft, Steve Ray, Jim Akin, Tim Staples, Marcus Grodi, etc on how they found the real Jesus in his one true Church.

The reasons given are:

  1. The Bible is a Catholic book.
  2. The Bible refutes the “Bible alone” principle.
  3. Jesus built his Church on a man he named Rock.
  4. Jesus and the Church are one
  5. The Bible says we are saved “not by faith alone”.
  6. The Bible and the early Christians believe in purgatory.
  7. The Bible and the early Christians believe in the Catholic sacraments.
  8. The Catholic Church is salt and light.
  9. The Catholic Church is catholic.
  10. Jesus and the Bible glorify his mother.


Wow! Interesting!


Wow! Thanks for this!

As a relatively new Catholic, I was trying to answer people who were saying that Catholicism didn’t begin until the 4th century with Constantine. The easy to understand, small ‘history lesson’ contained in this link has helped me to understand the gap between Peter and Constantine.



I like this alot. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for posting this. I only wish I could openly share my newfound faith with others but there doesn’t seem to be many opportunities around here. This city is pretty much nondenominational at this point, we have a mega church that has satellite churches in the surrounding towns and rural area, lots of little Born again- Bible based churches, a few but not many anymore mainline Protestant churches. and a few Catholic Churches. Then we have a large populace that are basically apathetic and wonder why the rest of us waste our time. Since I started RCIA a year ago my whole theological frame of reference has shifted; intellectually, I know I could never attend or join another church as anything more than a visitor. I believe what you’ve posted and have read all of those reasons referenced by other sources but how do I share any of it? When I say I’m a practicing Catholic, people shut down, they don’t seem to want to share their spiritual beliefs or apathy with me. It’s strange and almost worse than anti-Catholicism, an indifference, that we are just different somehow and not worth arguing with. I feel so much more grounded in my spiritually since becoming Catholic and would love to shout it from the roof tops, but instead I’m feeling kind of alienated.


People like to say this but it is not completely true. While the canon of Scripture is Catholic, the Old Testament was and always will be a Jewish book at heart.

The entire Bible is incomprehensible apart from Judaism and the Israelites and Jews who wrote it. The Torah and writings of the prophets are shared by both Judaism and Christianity even today and the parts of the OT have been used by Judaism for 1500 before Catholicism ever existed.

I think it is more correct to say that the canon of Scripture - what we know as the Bible - is Catholic but it is also correct to say that the Bible is a thoroughly Jewish book which is shared by both Jews and Christians alike. From a literary perspective, apart from the inspired nature of the texts, the Bible is Jewish literature, apocryphal, didactic, etc.

I hope you will take this in a spirit of charity and good-will.



Thanks, Tim, for your kind comments.

In a specific sense you are right.

However, I think what the phrase The Bible is a Catholic book means is this: The Bible as it is known by the vast majority of world population is composed of OT *and *NT. And this composition or compilation books is the handiwork of the Catholic Church, based on its canon. Webster bears this out, since it has two definitions of Bible (1) OT and NT = Christian and (2) OT only = Jewish. Number one by sheer number of the Christian population vs the Jewish is the more widespread definition.

Also the Hebrew scripture is more specifically called Tanakh.

To Deana3, thanks for your comments too. I suggest that you print out the leaflet and show it to people in case they want to converse about your beliefs. The printed page somehow expresses many things already and anyone of them can be a jumping board for discussion.

To rfournier103, Simca and Clearwater, Thanks for your enthusiasm. If you find it interesting please inform people about it. And keep on sharing. :slight_smile:


I believe that’s the official declaration of what books would be in the Catholic bible. I’m sure the Catholics added the chapter/verse structure too. Technically, Paul was a Catholic because he founded several churches that kept in communication together. He wrote several books and letters that found its way into the bible. Of course, Peter, our first pope, wrote in there too. I agree the OT was already written, and Paul called that scripture is useful for instruction. I heard one version of the Hebrew bible didn’t include the 7 books that Catholics have in it, so there is some Catholic influence for the OT. I may be wrong on that.

I was protestant before and was confused on this too, but if you look at the Ante-Nicene Fathers book series, the early churches are writing to the Church of Rome in the first few centuries. Some of the early church fathers were disciples of the apostles too, and they were referring to the catholic church. So the NT is Catholic. OT - definitely canonized with the 7 extra books in it that the Jews kinda removed in one version - but someone might have more info on that.


How can one claim that the Bible is a Catholic book if Protestants and Jews have less books and the Orthodox have more?


First: the Jews don’t have the New Testament, and that is the Bible we are talking about.

Second: Protestants having less books (or the Orthodox having more) is no argument against the Bible being a Catholic book.


Why not?


If I have a book, and neighbor A wants to take several chapters out of my book, and neighbor B wants to add several chapters to my book, is it still my book?


I would say that Mary glorifies her Son and His message. (In a most perfect way)
Luke 1:46 rings a bell.


Because the Bible with more books just has spurious books added to the Catholic Bible, and the Bible with less books is just a defective Catholic Bible. IOW, it is irrelevant to the argument.


If a dad wrote two different books, one with more chapters than another and gave them to two different sons, it would be two different sons with two different books.

So the Protestant Bible, even though it’s different than the Catholic Bible is still a Catholic Bible?



All the books in the Protestant Bible are in the Catholic Bible. The Catholic Bible just has more books.


So the Protestant Bible is the Catholic Bible but the Protestant Bible is different from the Catholic Bible which is different from the Orthodox Bible…

Does this mean your Bible is really an Orthodox Bible?



The protestant Bible has 66 books. The Catholic bible has those 66 plus 7 more, for a total of 73.

And from what I understand there are some differences amoungst the different types of Orthodox.


But both are Catholic Bible’s? That’s the part I don’t get, isn’t one a Protestant Bible and the Orthodox one is an Orthodox Bible?


At this point I really just don’t understand what you are asking, I’m sorry.

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