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Hello! This might be my first thread. I’ve lurked here for a while. Anyways… What are some reasons for NFP? I am trying to explain the pros of NFP to somebody. I know the Church says we should use it instead of ABC, and I accept that, but what are some reasons for NFP other than “Because the Church says so” (although that should be enough)? Also, links to studies or articles would be helpful as well. Thanks! I hope the person i am trying to explain this too and I are in your prayers.


My reasons for using NFP were threefold:

  1. Even if it were not morally wrong, I could not use the Pill or other hormonal birth control treatments, since strokes, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer run in my family. My doctor (not an NFP friendly doctor, just one in the know) told me that the Pill can increase risk of blood clots and strokes, and that ovulating as Nature intended is actually GOOD for the body. :wink:

  2. I didn’t want to rely on something outside myself that is, as we all know, not 100% effective anyway! So many women I know put their faith in a pharmaceutical or an OTC birth control option, and it didn’t work. :shrug: I would rather be aware of how my body is working and where it’s at, than be ignorant and rely on a chemical or barrier.

  3. Moral reasons. If God made me to ovulate and be fertile, than why second guess that? Why take a pill or use a device that takes away the natural rhythym of the body? Oh, that’s right…so we are not “inconvenienced” by a child. Well, if one is not financially, physically, or psychologically ready to be a parent, then one shouldn’t be engaging in conduct that could result in a child. IMO.

Those were my reasons. FWIW, before I was married I had been in a relationship in which I was engaging in premarital sex, using OTC birth control, and I was miserable. There was so much anxiety and worry, and the relationship quickly went south.

I have a friend who is a nurse, and she will only use NFP for her birth control–she has no moral issues, really, with hormonal birth control, but she says health-wise, it’s one of the worst things a woman can do to her body. I have known other women who used the Pill, and then when they were ‘ready’ to have children, had to wait at least a year, or more, for their body to start ovulating again!


Awesome answer!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Can you clarify your question. It seems ambiguous to me and I’m not sure what you are looking for in a response. Are you:

(a) Wanting an explanation of why contraception is morally disordered and NFP is not?

(b) Wanting non-religious reasons someone might choose NFP even if they do not believe contraception to be wrong?

© Something else?


Explaining NFP to someone that does not understand the real relationship of sex to love may be like trying to explain the details of fuel injection to those who don’t know how an engine works. Too many think NFP is “just Catholic Contraception.” This is not true. Good luck, and here’s some of my opins on the value of NFP.

  1. It brings the couple closer together. Because, if BOTH partners participate in the NFP method chosen (there are several) then both the male and female have a closer understanding of their bodies and what is expected of themselves in the process.
  2. NFP is natural. It costs little or nothing. No insurance required. Nothing to pick up periodically at the drug store. It has no “side effects.” No pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, no delivery trucks, no toxic waste, no unneccessary doctor’s visits, no chemically induced headaches, etc. etc.
  3. It helps to know that you are living as God inteneded us to live. It brings appreciation to the act and to one another.

This, too, may help:
Contraception: Why Not?


Part of the problem is that many today think they understand sex and it’s relation to love. Most, really, do not. For that I recommend reading about Theology of the Body. My favorite is The Good News about Sex and Marriage by CHristopher West.

Good luck


hmmm… i was thinking (b), but other reasons are welcome too :slight_smile: also, using barrier methods would render a lot of the pill reasons void, right? i want to be able to defend a position without somebody saying “barrier methods are instantly reversable and dont affect ovulation” and then me being like “ummm… good point”


Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. True. Barrier methods are a bit different as a method of “Birth Control.”

I don’t think one can understand the reasoning behind NOT using barriers unless one understands the true meaning of sex. Contraception (remember, NFP is NOT contraception) is an act to render the sex act sterile. Such actions contradict the true nature of the act. Procreative AND unitive. Once you insert contraception, you break the dual nature of the act and THAT is harmful to you and against God’s plan. Sex can become the goal, not love.

Really, one can not reduce TOB to a few sound bites (or paragraphs in a post). Please read up and you’ll see what I mean.

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