Yesterday I was in catechumenate. The lecture was about baptism. And it was mentioned that baptism can be only one. When you are baptised you get Holy Spirit and it is in you all your life even if you aren’t practicing christianity. And then I remembered that I know one person who wanted to change himself from catholic to protestant and he was rebaptised. So my question is why? Because he already had Holy Spirit.


Certain protestant sects do not honor a Catholic baptism. Thus, they are modern day anabaptists (re-baptizers). Of note is that even the early protestant reformers brutally oppressed, even killed anabaptists in Europe.


He is confused. Very sad that he would leave the Catholic Church. He is Catholic, and will always be Catholic. Hopefully he will return to the sacraments.

He was not actually “rebaptized” because you can only be baptized once. It should not surprise us that various non-Catholic sects teach erroneously about baptism.


Probably two things going on here: 1. The person does not realize that baptism is done only once. 2. Some other christian churches ignore this or have pastors that will ignore this and do a baptism anyway. (Or your friend did not let them know he was already baptized.)

There is such thing as a “conditional baptism” which can occur when a person does not know if they were baptized and/or they can’t find or send for past records of baptism. (This happened a lot when I was working with the Hmong as many came out of refugee camps and could not find records, same with the Vietnamese who fled after the war.)

I am sure God can sort all this out and certainly being baptized does allow us to receive the Holy Spirit.


Many protestant denominations only believe you can be baptized if you are of age to give consent to the baptism. Of course this belief is not biblical, but they continue in their error because they have separated from the Church.

Another function that re-baptisms have in these denominations is to fill in for where Confession is missing from their denomination. They want to turn back to God, to confess, to repent, and dedicate their lives to God again. So they will be baptized again to show this repentance. The Church has the sacrament of Confession for this, and deep down they know they are missing something.


hmmm, I was baptized as a baby, in a catholic church, but then when I was in my early 20s, I went thru a period where I was attending a Pentecostal church, and eventually I was baptized there, a full immersion in a large indoor tub of water, it was more like a small swimming pool, plenty of room to go completely underwater.

I will admit though, when I came back up, i did not feel any different, but I was told all my sins were now absolved and gone, so that made me feel better. It did not stick though, eventually I left this church, so not sure how this ‘second baptism’ effected my relationship with God though?


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