Reblessing a St. Benedict Crucifix


Many years ago when I first became a Catholic I discovered that some priests didn’t know that the medal or medal crucifix of st. Benedict involved a particular blessing. It has been a while since I’ve had one blessed and have unfortunately been away from the Church for several years. I am not certain, but there seems to me to have been an awakening to this powerful sacramental gift of the Church. Likely due to our holy father Benedict, Anyway my question is if I have one of these crosses blessed by a priest, who does not know, would it be appropriate to stop him and inform him, let him finish and inform him, simply have it re-blessed by the appropriate formula or will the blessing even if it does not follow the formula still bring the “gifts” of protection, etc. as the source of the power is not the object or even the blessing itself necessarily but, my faith in the power of God to use the object as a help and reminder for me in my struggles against sin and Satan.


I have one too and it probably was given a normal blessing, then again don’t know for sure. Brought a bagful of sacramentals to be blessed that day. :slight_smile:


I’d be inclined to bring it up before he starts. “Father, would you bless my St. Benedict crucifix? And here you go…I didn’t know if you’d have the blessing handy so I brought a copy with me.”

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