Rebuilding my faith in God


How to restoring my Catholic faith after I have been damaged by False Testimony in the Internet?


False Testimony?


From The Video of Angelica Zambrano. I’m sorry but I just to move on and Keep moving forward because I have dreams and strong faith in God. But this video keeps bothering me.


Start off by taking everything from the Internet with a grain of salt. Don’t trust everything you see on the Internet.


Stop reading stuff on the Internet. Go to mass, go to reconciliation, and adoration. That is how you rebuild your faith, not by spending time reading things on the Internet.


It’s hard to answer this without knowing what exactly was damaged.

My first thought would be since something you heard damaged you then you should only listen to good reputable sources and only fill your head with truth.

I would suggest listening to podcasts or you tubes from some of my favorites.

Called to communion

Catholic Answers Live

Father Mike Schmitz

Hope these links help

God Bless


Speak to your priest


Thanks I should take your advice :smile:


Go to a priest and confess. Read your catechism for answers and your Bible. Even Biblical phrases can be misinterpreted. We can’t take one sentence and make a theology out of it. A whole paragraph is needed or chapter.
Confession will help! Join your churches Bible study.
Ephesians 3: 14-21.


OK Thank you very much :heart:


The damage was my faith in the Catholic Church but I’m going to restore it and I determined to do so :smile:


Even the apostles lost faith at one time in their lives but good luck in restoring it


True because I know in God’s grace that He will heal me :heart:


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