Rebuking Even When *Suspecting* Wrongdoing?


Salvete, omnes.

I just happened to recall that I was once reading a thread on here in which a Bible verse was cited (excuse me, but can’t recall chapter-and-verse at present, would appreciate help) wherein the author said that, even if you simply suspect (have the mildest suspicion?) that your brother (anyone?) is doing wrong, you should (strongly?) rebuke them.

(The question marks indicate where I am uncertain prcisely what the verse said/cannto recall clearly.)

I also recall someone commenting on this verse that he thought the author took it perhaps too far. However, if this is inspired Scripture, aren’t we not allowed even to pose this argument? So, then, are we always, no matter the situation and without exception, even if it creates friction between people, even if the person may not necessarily have done anything wrong, even if the person may be acting in ignorance, to rebuke them even at the mildest suspicion of them doing wrong, and, indeed, to rebuke them harshly?

I myself most often take a gentler approach, though I can be firm when I believe the person needs it/will best respond to it.

Is the language perhaps exaggerated in the passage in question? If so, what would it mean outside of its literal meaning? Does it simply mean that we should be very ready to correct and should not hesitate to do so, say, out of fear? why or why not would it mean this? Does it mean something else entirely? Why or why not?

Again, if someone could cite chapter-and-verse, I think, it would be helpful to all of us.

Would appreciate your insight into this matter.

Maximas gratias.


A thread, about another unidentified thread, that was in turn about an unidentified alleged Bible verse - but we’re supposed to know the verse, and comment on it, and on your interpretation of it??

Misty, I’ve said this before: all your posts are the same; you refer to esoteric alleged writings without actually quoting them, then want us to identify them, but even before we do that you’re going to show us all how smart you are because you have some way of interpreting them that no one else does (even though you’re not even sure what you’re quoting).

I have better things to do with my day.


PolarGuy, I REBUKE YOU for that answer!! :mad:

Y’know, just in case… :shrug:




Go to your Bible and find it. Or try to Google it. Searching for, reading and finding the truth of what you seek will make you a stronger Catholic. Good luck, peace and prayers.


As I think about it, we do not “prosecute” on just plain suspicion. Every one is innocent until proven otherwise. I think to rebuke some person(s) on suspicion is hazardous. Peace.


In Ezekiel 33, he was appointed a
WATCHMAN for the house of Israel
and is RESPONSIBLE to warn the
sinner of his sins, if he doesn’t the
sinner will die in his sin and HE will
be held accountable!!
So whoever the Lord places in your
life to give spiritual direction, you
probably SHOULD warn him, even
if you THINK he did something wrong!


As PolarGuy pointed out, you’ve formed a strong opinion on a scripture passage that you half remember and don’t know the context of. Try googling “rebuke your brother”, read the passages involved, THEN form an opinion and ask for comments. It would be a much more productive discussion. Peace.


Just my humble opinion but don’t rashly judge another person based on suspicion alone.
My old 1940 copy of Father Lasance counsels:

“What mistakes have we not made in judging others! Have we not always found in our past experience that on the whole our kind interpretations were truer than our harsh ones?”


I have been thru the Bible at least 15 times. I recall no such verse as described in the OP. More specific information would be useful.


Umm…not very charitable response. I mean, since you have better things to do… :wink:


She’s not a Catholic.


OK, but she doesn’t need to be Catholic to google and search. She does indicate that she is considering becoming Catholic and doing some research will give her a lot of information about the Bible and the Church. Don’t you agree?


My point is:
People do read stuff on the internet. And often they still have errors in thinking. Nothing replaces a Spiritual Director or an RCIA class.


True enough :slight_smile: but the OP wants to start a discussion on a bible passage she barely remembers. I recommended she google the passage so she can at least know what she’s talking about.




There is no such verse. There is, however, clear Catholic teaching on the sin of rash judgment. I would say avoid rebuke, but engage in discussion, if you think it needed.


Actually there is. Google “rebuke your brother”.


Which verse do you think meets the criteria of the first post of rebuking " even if you simply suspect"?

Google only brought up Luke 17:3.


That’s where the OP’s half-remembering comes in. If that’s her concern she has to have something to back it up.

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