Rebuttals for Gender Theory


Yes, that is designed purpose.


Certainly you understand that just because you believe something does not make that something true. Others who believe differently than you also believe that hold a true belief.

There has been enough time and science to show that the APA made the right decision about homosexuality. Before you criticize the DSM process you should at least be familiar with what you are critiquing.

You have a lot of opinions which the only support you supply are beliefs and more opinions.


The ex president of the APA admitted that no real research was done on homosexuality when it was removed from the DSM. He also went on record that activists had it changed.

Is dualism true in your view?


Right - all opinion cannot be all true.

What is the true purpose of the reproductive organs?


Your first mistake is to assume the person is indeed confused.

Truthfully, I had a difficult time myself trying to understand what a transgendered person was feeling because I could not imagine what it would be like to wake up everyday knowing* I was in the wrong body and no one I know could understand me. I think it was in a dream where I dreamed of being in a coma with many people around me, I was screaming and no one could hear me. On waking I knew that that was the closest I could come.


The empathy comes through understanding what they are feeling, but helping them connect back to reality.


You can not understand someone without understanding their reality.


Reality is not private.


What are we debating about?


From what I read and from a first hand source there was plenty of animosity and dirty tricks on both sides. You have to realize that at the time Freudian psychoanalysis was waning and the advocates of keeping homosexuality as a mental illness where desperately trying to hold. Give the psychiatrists who voted some credit for being congruent with their knowledge of homosexuality.


Good question and insight.


Does the homosexual act fulfill the purpose of the reproductive system?


We can agree it was politically motivated?


Excellent point. Homosexual acts are unnatural and should be treated as such. It should not be shown as something normal, and I hear it’s really unhealthy


You make it easy. It’s what you believe. Even so, you must be aware that people, perhaps the majority, use contraception find pleasure in use of their genitalia likewise homosexuals experience pleasure. I expect you will try to say i’ts not about genitalia.

We are not in agreement. You fail to give the psychiatrists who voted credit for being congruent with their experience and that is reality.


It definitely is unhealthy and very risky, especially to our youth who has the highest rates of HIV. It also brings up another point, who pays for the health consequences of risky behavior? Who pays for a### reconstruction when needed since the epitheleal layer is 4 cells thick?


Two wrongs do not make a right. Your point is irrelevant. Using the pill a Group 1 carcinogen has health and societal costs, too.

The reproductive system is designed for procreation. If it was not pleasurable who would do it and we would not be here discussing it. Reproduction is the scientically proven purpose, pleasure induces it.

I can think of many acts that are pleasurable. We have laws against many of them.


You give too much credit to the psychiatrists who thought they have us all figured out.


Exactly! I found many of these risks in this website, really opened my eyes. (Read at your own risk)

One of the things that turned me from wanting to engage in this sort of behavior was the health risks. (The other was God).


The advocates will claim that hetero’s engage in many unhealthy acts too.

The same question applies - who pays the medical costs? Would people who want to engage in risky behaviors agree to a higher health insurance premium so the rest don’t have to foot the bill?

Who pays the societal costs?

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