Rebuttals for Gender Theory


How is a boy attracted to other boys supposed to know that chaste SSA men exist??? And if he doesn’t know that, how does he have a role model of chastity in his situation?


I was once that boy that desperately wanted to be chaste, buffalo. Who was supposed to be my role model? I can tell you that I needed one.


Parents teach this at an early age.


You have no self control?


Yo! I am that boy that wants to be chaste. I have no role models…


Uhhhh, non sequitur much?

I needed a role model to show me how to be a man in the circumstances I was in. I certainly do have self-control, but I’d love to have more, since I hate that I’ve had to battle a pornography habit. I am quite sure that habit would be less powerful – or gone entirely – if I known someone who had dealt with the things I dealt with in a holy way.

Parents teach what? My parents certainly told me to be chaste, but it wasn’t much help, since they also implied that anyone with SSA was a monster.


The Cardinal Virtues: Temperance


The Holy Family is the ultimate role model.


You know, maybe you should argue for your position yourself instead of trying to get someone else to do your job for you? :slight_smile:

For no, just because I didn’t take the trouble to formalise the definition does not mean that it inevitably has to be completely useless.

Also, it would be nice to see it side to side with your definition.

I’m afraid that this your answer does not explain much. In what way is my impression wrong? Maybe I just didn’t make it sufficiently clear that I did use hyperbole there?


Is there some reason why that would be relevant?

Is there even a strong reason to think that this difference is real? Maybe no one actually looked for physical symptoms hard enough?

Not to mention this your claim in another post:

So, do you claim that physical symptoms exist, or that they do not exist?

And if you want to actually argue for your position, you can do it here. :slight_smile:

Seriously, if that link has anything that is relevant here (in your opinion), feel free to cite it. And to explain why you think it relevant. And to explain why you consider that source to be good.

I guess a man who thinks he’s Napoleon is likely to have a mental disorder that is not a moral disorder.

So, they are unlikely to mean precisely the same thing, but yes, overlap sure seems to be possible. As is misidentifying one for another.


“Whereas previously a man who “self-identified” as a woman (or vice versa) could have been classified as mentally ill, now the DSM-5 uses the term “gender dysphoria,” which means it is only a mental illness if you’re troubled by this self-identification. Elated activists in the “LGBT” community had lobbied the APA for the change for years.”

Lobbying to have a classification changed is neither scientific or rational.



what the heck is ‘gender theory’ or ‘gender ideology’?

Do i need to possess a Ph.D in order to know what my own gender is?

is this some new ‘PHILOSOPHY’???


or is it, ‘Not all Chests are created equal?’ theory?

I use ‘chest’ because it is a chestful of knowledge and wisdom and good things.

What’s in YOUR chest? What’s in YOUR drawer?

‘Stop!!! That which is in my chest is too weak to resist that which is in your drawer… Stop!’

Your drawer ful of arguments is ruining my chest full of life…

And visa versa… ‘Your chest full of life is ruining my drawer ful of happiness.’

All of these statements are for personal use only… Please disregard if you are not personable.


You are the person who made the claim. You have no standard to measure it against except your own definition.

A. MPat says transgendered people have mental disorders by definition
B. MPat uses his own informal definition of mental disorder as the standard
C. Therefore A is true.

My position is simple. A psychological state is considered a mental disorder only if it causes significant distress or disability. Do you find it strange that a psychologist adheres to and utilizes the APA definition of mental illness?

Your impression is wrong. See definition of mental disorder above. Do you believe everyone who a significant distress or disability needs to be has to be locked up? I don’t.

Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder. Being transgendered is not.

I was not the one who made the claim that transgendered people have a mental disorder by definition. You offered only your own definition for support for that claim. You are basically saying that transgendered people have a disorder because MPat says they have.


So, the form of your argument is the same as “mine”. The only difference is that you use the definition given by APA.

And thus, the objection you make is simply that I am not the authority on the matter, and you or APA are an authority on it. (Would it have been hard to put it like that?)

Now, of course, being a random anonymous user on the Internet, I am not an authority. Neither are you - for the same reason.

As for APA, I’m afraid that it is even less of an authority than a random anonymous user on the Internet. :slight_smile:

Psychology is yet just a protoscience (like alchemy in Middle Ages). Yes, psychologists occasionally stumble upon something true or useful - just as alchemists did. But their grand theories are mostly worthless. And “psychological research” has been shown to be mostly worthless as well. For example, it notoriously lacks repeatability - see Open Science Collaboration “Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science”, “Science”, 2015 -

As you can see, Psychology (as protoscience) isn’t worth much even without political pressure. And here we do have political pressure. So, it’s even worse.

Also, “my” definition has an obvious advantage. Let’s see it.

So, I was right in guessing that you missed the fact that I was using hyperbole. (Do you see that hyperbole now?)

And I was pointing out one problem with “APA” definition: under it there can be no such thing as a “mild form of mental disorder”. You can only have a form that already causes something significantly bad. I’d say that is a bad feature for a definition. Would you disagree?


Gender regards language. Sex is in the DNA and describes humans.


The APA has become politically involved with LGBT groups and individuals. While it has collected many decades’ worth of material for review, it has been compromised. So psychological disorders of various kinds do exist. I’ve been in treatment for a while and been hospitalized twice. Between what my psychiatrists have told me (a few have retired) and what I observed first-hand, it is not logical to refer to a transgendered person as he when their anatomy after X-Ray would clearly show a female bone structure.


Not so simple. Using “sex” or “sexual” where “gender” is used would change the meaning of the phrase. For example “sexual expression” and “gender expression” mean two different things. Gender and sexual are not interchangeable here.


The difference is the APA has standardized diagnostic criteria for mental health disorders which is used by mental health professionals. It would be unethical for mental health professionals to substitute MPat opinions in diagnosing and treating their patients.

You are misinformed. While you can believe anything you want, when you spread misinformation about mental disorders the misinformation has the potential to do harm.


If the psychologists have it wrong, then spreading TRUE information about their classification scheme has the potential to do harm, too.


If gender does not reflect sex, then gender is meaningless.


How would a mental health professional determine what is true and what is false about the APA classification of mental disorders? As always I respect your opinion.

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