Rebuttals for same sex marriage PLEASE!


Private, long-term homosexual couples living together in the past was not good enough? And now that gays and lesbians have something called marriage in the US, that’s not good enough? Just like before the strange US Supreme Court decision, they walked their dogs, cut the grass, etc. But no. Let’s tell little kids this is no longer private, and it is normative. Let’s tell adults the same thing.

What’s wrong with privacy? I don’t care if the two men I see in a store are a married or unmarried gay couple. It’s none of my business. But don’t shove it in my face. And I’d like to add an observation to derail the “hate” accusation. I don’t go to bars and drink because I’m not a drinker. I don’t go to parties where the air is thick with marijuana smoke and other drugs are being taken, not because I hate people who use that but I refuse to use such. And in social situations, if a total stranger asks my opinion about that “cute guy over there. Isn’t he hot?” I have nothing to say. I have this bad habit of checking out women, but guys? It would never cross my mind.


And a left wing rag does. How about reading the article and parsing the thoughts Severino brings forth.


Do you realize how seriously some nudists take their need to act in this way? I think it’s insulting to these people for you to dismiss their idea of the good life altogether, acting as if the desires of gay people – and I speak as a bisexual man – are dignified and the desires of nudists and the like are not. So tell me: do you deny nudists the right to openly go naked? And if so, how do you justify depriving them of their liberty?


Perhaps you haven’t seen this:

The Third Way Homosexuality and the Catholic Church

Desire of the Everlasting Hills



Abstinence Works every time it is tried. New research indicates that parents have far greater influence on their children’s sexual decision-making than previously thought and that teens are surprisingly open to the chastity message.


People cry foul when standards are lowered. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


Remember #26 on the communist agenda. No way they will leave it alone…


If they cannot win the proposition, then use brute force. They think it will stick? I don’t think so. People eventually understand they have been hoodwinked.


Sure, educate them in evil acts and tell them despite their gut instincts it is OK.


Are we just animals without self control?


Brute force propaganda is being used 24/7 through the mainstream media. Look at newspapers. Support, support and more support. From the GLAAD web site:

“Leading the conversation. Shaping the media narrative. Changing the culture. That’s GLAAD at work.”

So, it’s not fiction. It’s no accident. “Changing the culture.” Count me out, comrade.


True Christian charity demands fraternal correction. If we love someone and care about their eternal soul we should tell them with love.


Se… se… self control. It’s IMPOSSIBLE !!!

Paid for by the Contraceptive Manufacturers Association.

The CDC is telling us we’re having an STD epidemic.

But lots of sex is far more important, especially for sex addicts.


Amen. That’s what is needed.


Maybe, but I’ll bet you there’s a lot of people out there who don’t care who is running the show as long as they get their check in the mail or special benefits for their family and friends on Facebook.

You’ll also note how the vulture that this has become is circling children, because it’s very clear that it’s more about the pleasure of the partners than caring for the kids.

Sooner rather than later I expect to here “yeah, well, we don’t care about kids, because our job is to represent and advocate for our group”.

Unions in the USA have already said so much about their members vs non-members.


We try and teach them chastity and here is the result. Are you ready to join us now?

Devout Catholics Have Better Sex, Study Says Group says Catholics have more enjoyable sex, more often.


Because, like it or not, the larger share of Western society no longer has that principled objection. it’s sort of like how you have to respect the fact that non-Catholics are under no obligation not to use contraceptives. You have your principled objection, no one forces you to use them, and you move on.


And on that basis I tolerate the State’s decision. I need not support it or teach it as good.


Is someone asking you to?


Oh definitely. Propaganda is definitely injecting poison into people’s minds. Reality is a matter of perception and degree. That’s all. A perceived “good,” even if it violates biology, is accepted by those who trust without thinking and for the young, they are not mentally or emotionally developed enough to know if they’re being poisoned.

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