Rebuttals for same sex marriage PLEASE!



I’m am speaking to civil unions… there are plenty of “Catholics” who believe that because they “love each other” and “they are in a monogamous relationship” they don’t need to Receive the Sacrament of Matrimony–they, at least the wife, would come to Mass every Sunday and (not that I’ve known many) Receive the Holy Eucharist as her “right” of being “Catholic.”

This is what I am making a comparison with the homosexual unions… couples who believe that they have the “right” and that the Church has the “obligation” to accept them as they are.

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…but only because of the active propaganda and conversion… if a person does not accept the culture of death they are branded homophobes, haters, expressionists, and bigots (which coincidentally it is everything that they are… on top of opportunistic, mentalists, malcontents, and assemblers).

Look at the history of the so call “vote;” every single time that it has been voted against the culture of death their proponents proceed to force the nation/s to take another vote (the US, as well as the UN, has been strong-arming nations to accept the culture of death under penalties of financial and military sanctions (join the fold or perish [be left on your own without financial or military support]) and third-world nations people have been at the gravest “cash-for-vote” end of this “vote” experience.

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…to that they just go into la-la-land and claim that God is not concerned with what people do as long as they “love” each other… some would even entertain “in a monogamous relationship.”

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So true! The Church does not have an obligation to accept sin as something that is good. People who claim the Church is bigoted because they don’t accept Homosexual “marriage” clearly don’t see the whole picture.

Wouldn’t she be in mortal sin then? Isn’t it sad when people believe they are allowed to receive the blessed Euchuarist in mortal sin? It’s sacrilege


On a purely philosophical level, I can’t imagine why an infinite, eternal, omnipotent being would care if someone on the tiny speck of dust some of the locals call earth is gay or marries someone of their own sex.


Maybe because he cares as to what happens to us humans?


That doesn’t really answer the question. He may care, but since He can literally do anything, any alleged “damage” can be repaired with the snap of His metaphorical hand.

No, this hatred of homosexuality and the prohibitions against it seem all too human to me.


Really? U was under the impression that, considering God created sex for the purpose of life, he would not want his creation to abuse it and use it for a purpose that is contrary to why he created sex. God cares about how we act. Saying that same sex acts are what God intended is simply not true, because they achieve nothing close to the reason we have sex.


I just don’t buy that God would care that much.


Really? So if, in your opinion, God doesn’t care that much about what we do. Such as sinning, why did he die for our sins? He didn’t have to and also Jesus tells us to sin no more, so I’d logically assume that he would care.

Furthermore, if God didn’t care about who we marry then why did he create marriage between one man and one woman? If what you say is true then why would he only create one marriage?


Since God can repair any and all sins without limit, yes, I doubt very much that if such a being actually exists, that He would be all that concerned about finite matters like two men getting married.

Note here that I think the Bible is pretty much a construction of its time and place; that the Hebrew and later Jewish peoples, like many peoples, had strong taboos against homosexual acts, and naturally since we all create God in our own image, it seemed right and proper to make sure God agreed with that cultural taboo on paper.


Here’s my question for you, niceatheist. If you’re going to explore the idea of God existing…

Then why would God make it that I can’t find a boyfriend and have babies with him? Suppose I want BOTH a boyfriend and children through that union. Why did God make this impossible for me? God would be perfectly capable of making it possible, but (if He exists) He clearly chose not to. Thus, the hypothesis that God exists does not really give us reason to believe that He doesn’t care what men do with other men. Or it gives us reason to believe that God is a homophobe – your pick.



But if I reeducate myself (vote by my conscience) and say it is perfectly ok with God ('cause we all know that God is Love and that’s all that matters, yeah right!) then I am not wrong; the Church must accept me as I want to be accept, it’s only “right” and “just.”

It is hollowood’s spirituality: do you, God loves you no matter what!

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Our actions matter to him. How do we explain hell then. Your doubts about him run contrary to scripture on this matter. It is stated that marriage is between a man and a woman. Sodomy is a sin, and we all have to carry our crosses.

The Jewish understood God’s reasons for the sanctity of marriage. You however don’t see it.
God doesn’t want anyone to go to hell for their actions. But some do (I hope not). Why is that? If God didn’t care about someone’s actions everyone would be in heaven and there would be no reason for a law, as well as Jesus’ death. But their were reasons for his death, and one of them is because sins are real (and sodomy is one of them) and God doesn’t like sin and wants us not to sin.


Yeah, hollowood has espoused such spirituality with that view (for God to be God man must be accepted as he wants to be); if you follow Scriptures you would find that it is not about my will or yours or anyone else’s. It’s about obedience to God.

“Be Holy for I AM HOLY!”

This is not a Call to do you. It is a Call to exist and be in God.

Have you noticed how the various manufacturers continue to play on human weakness to sell their products? We have commercials where children (and adults) are rude, malicious, sexualized, debased, dehumanized, promoted as insipid, loathsome, disrespectful, boastful… I could go on… only to solve the problem by using “their” products.

God is not about braking us down to build us according to His seasonal whim.

God is about Giving us and showing us human and Divine Dignity: Be Holy!

God will not take evil for good, disrespect for respect, death for Life.

Why would you want to serve a god that wants wickedness and righteousness to exist and be Loved equally?

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You are correct–hatred is human.

You are wrong; rejection of homosexuality is not hatred.

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Only because you refuse to accept all of Scriptures… you remind me of a fellow that insisted that we engage in spiritual dialogue… he only wanted a few things as guide: no Bible, no Yahweh God, no Christ… being Catholic I cannot engage the all powerful overseer who is in all and in everything making everything god and creature all at the same time…

As an atheist, you cannot determine for God Who God is and God’s Goals and God’s Will. (pssst, neither can any Believer!)

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…and you be wrong… some “Jewish” people claim the same as you… they claim that sex is up for grabs… see, you’re not alone (they say misery loves company).

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Well, here’s the other thing. I think sexual reproduction is an evolved trait (not all organisms reproduce sexually), and while sex is advantageous to be sure, I don’t see anything in nature that suggests some divine dictate so all sex must be procreative. You certainly see examples in the animal kingdom, particularly among other Great Apes, of sexual activity that does not have a procreative component.

So if God can tolerate a couple of female bonobo chimps having a same-sex encounter, I’m sure God is a big enough fellow to be able to tolerate John and Jeff getting hitched.


I can try to imagine what an infinite omnipotent being’s perspective might be. Yes, it’s pretty much uninformed, because I doubt anyone short of another infinite omnipotent being would have any ability to assess it, but really, even if there is this sacred law against homosexuality, it is ultimately a finite act.

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