Recall election ordered for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Embattled first-term Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will face a recall this spring after an election was ordered Friday following the collection of more than 900,000 signatures in the wake of his push against union bargaining rights.

The Government Accountability Board voted 5-0 to order the recall, a move that has been expected for weeks given the large number of signatures gathered between November and January. It took 540,208 signatures to trigger a recall.


As a Wisconsite I’ve wondered about the Church’s view on this. I know Archbishop Jerome Listecki spoke out in favor of worker’s right to bargain, but unsure if there was anything since then. Anyone know?

WI must have a surplus of tax dollars to run another election and campaign. What an absolute waste of time and resources.

They must have gotten tired of having balanced budgets and fiscal sanity.

Meanwhile, Ohio goes merrily along, bringing more business back and cleaning up the fiscal mess there. At what point will liberals realize that the spending has to be reined in and some sense of fiscal responsibility put in play?

From what I’ve read, It appears at the moment that Gov. Walker will win in the recall election. LT Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is having some trouble though. Michelle Malkin has written some on how to help her along with the other officials involved in the recall election.

“Follow-up: Have you done your part to fight the Left’s war on Wisconsin and conservative women?”

My open offer to Wisconsinites is to trade our entireexecutive and legislative branches straight up for theirs. Ours already holds all the ideological positions they are agitating for.

I hope they take me up on my offer soon because Illinois already has the worst credit rating of any state in the USA - and it ain’t getting better! :frowning:

I heard that their property taxes went down.

What nastiness from the same people who always tell conservatives to be civil

“I love it that your kids have actually have to hear about what evil things you’re doing. I hope they have to hear it every day. And I hope they come home right to you. And just because you’re good looking — and she is — and just ‘cuz you’re cutes and I’m sure you got a precocious little daughter you put in little Jon Benet contests, and I’m sure you have a little jock son, and they come home and say ‘Mommy, they’re saying you’re a witch.’ You are a”

Isn’t the nasty radio host “Sly” Sylvester the same one who said he was glad Andrew Breitbard was dead.

“Republicans will have a better chance at capturing Wisconsin in November thanks to the campaign they’re waging now to keep Gov. Scott Walker in office, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus argues in a memo set for release Monday”

Wisconsin Democrats Face Divisive Primary in Advance of Fight Against Walker

Romney, Santorum back Scott Walker at Wisconsin GOP dinner

Speaking only for one liberal, when this liberal sees greater fairness and social justice. When individuals are doing it all and government no longer needs to have a role. Or when spending has reached such levels that justice has prevailed.


Yes for instance the social justice I read about in Matt 25: 35-46. It hasn’t been achieved yet. Obviously to achieve a fuller fulfillment, individuals who can afford to do so including the rich and government need to spend even more. Prioritizing differently, gearing what is already spent more towards social programs probably wouldn’t hurt either. Peace.

So you’re fine with spending the money of people who haven’t been born yet so that people can get their free goodies today? YOu know that stealing is against the Commandments. HOw is it “justice” when you rob from the future to pay for today. I hope you’re willing to apologize to your own grandchildren when they have no chance at a future so that we could dole out entitlements today.

Evidently Scott Walker’s all-out assault on the idea that teachers and other public workers should be part of the middle class is not as popular as he hoped it would be. At least not in the state of Wisconsin. It is on these boards, though.

Stealing from Peter to give to Paul isn’t justice. You cannot commit injustice in the name of justice. :shrug:

Apparently GOvernor Walker’s all out assault on fiscal irresponsibility has struck a foul nerve with liberals. AS long as noone has to pay the piper, we should all keep dancing.

“And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required”.

Hey, I think that we do have to pay the piper. But Walker and the Republican Party seems to think the best way to do it is by taking (or reducing aid) to those who already have less so that those who already have a lot can continue to party.

YA, what does that have to do with anything?

Requiring union employees to foot the bill of part of their medical care and part of their retirement is hardly taking anything from them. :rolleyes:

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