Recanting and repenting


Seems that there is no better time than the present to do this, with the election to the Papacy of a man that seems to be a strong defender of the Faith and will hold tightly to Church doctrine…

The biggest thing I learned by these forums is how much I need to learn, or re-learn, about my Catholic faith. I made a few comments in these forums that didn’t quite hold to Catholic doctrine. It was because I didn’t even know what my own faith professes-- because of my own ignorance of what my Church teaches. I’m very sorry about this, and as restitution, I’m buying a Catechism and reading it so that I may get “caught up” on my Faith and hopefully spread the Truth to others. I’m still a work in progress- working on the best and most loyal Catholic I can be.

Thanks- God bless you all.
-RP, “CatholicHoser”


The same thing has happened to me since I joined last December. These forums are a wonderful source of information AND inspiration if you want to use it that way. I also find many other sources, books, webs ites, etc. to build by faith through as a result of threads here.

Welcome, and God bless you!



I wish all Catholics would take their faith seriously enough to honestly seek the truth - it is a beautiful truth! When you understand the whys of your faith, your faith becomes deeper than you could ever imagine! And…you find it much easier to live that faith!

Start reading (and praying, too!) and don’t stop!


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