Reccomend a good read on basic Catholic apologetics? (The general case for the Catechism)

Is there any good book you guys could recommend for me? I became a serious Christian 10 years ago through lots of prayer and reading of apologetic material. (That’s just the way my mind works, so that’s how The Lord reached me) A few months ago I thought I had made the decision to go Catholic, my favorite author is GK Chesterton and I am a great Fr Malachi Martin admirer. But now I am struggling mightily to accept certain Doctorines regarding the Papacy, Mariology etc. Im looking for a good book which defends the Catholic position on these matters. :smiley:

Or likewise, perhaps even better, a book on the great debate with conflicting points of views and direct conversation etc.

Karl Keating is the founder of Catholic Answers and he is our gracious host on this Forum.

I highly recommend his book, Catholicism and Fundamentalism.

This was the book that began my conversion to the Catholic Faith. I was hardly a fundamentalist - I was an Anglican who considered myself “catholic” (little “c”).

You can buy this book from Catholic Answers for $17, or I will send you a shrink-wrapped copy at no charge whatsoever if you will PM your mailing address, or send it to This offer assumes that you actually live in Chicago, and thus is domestic US Mail.

My only condition is that you actually read the book (on your honor), and/or that you pass it along to somebody who probably will. I don’t want my freewill gift to gather dust on your shelf, still in its shrink-wrap.

It’s a little dated, 1984, but I found Alan Schreck’s “Catholic And Christian” - " An Explanation of Commonly Misunderstood Catholic Beliefs," an excellent primer. His style of writing is concise and easy to read. Yes, he covers the issues you raised: Mariology and the Papacy.

So many good choices…

This is the book that Ignatius Press sell the most of on this topic, I think.

It’s the Handbook of Catholic Apologetics by Peter Kreeft

Born Fundamentalist, Born-again Catholic by David Currie
Pope Fiction by Patrick Madrid
Upon this Rock Stephen Ray
Nuts & Bolts Tim Staples

Several suggestions for you.
Bible Christian Society Check out his 2 minute apologetics and all his free MP3s and be sure to sign up for his email newsletters.

Consolidated Index for All Radio Replies Volumes or The new condensed Radio Replies.

Beginning Apologetics Super Set

The Protestant’s Dilemma

Thank you much kind sir, that’s very charitable of you. I did, however, already find one that I think will work well for my needs. Now I have to find a protestant one :thumbsup:

All great answers above, although I think Staples’ Nuts and Bolts was one of the first, short and easy to digest, that I read in my earliest days of researching apologetics. :thumbsup:

The Fathers Know Best Jimmy Akin

Catholicism and Fundamentalism Karl Keating

The Protestants Dillema Devin Rose

The Fullness of the Truth James M. Seghers

Catholic Christiansity: A Complete Catechism of Catholic Beliefs based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church by Peter J Kreeft

All of Scott Hahn’s books.

And last but not least The Catechism of the Catholic Church Second Edition

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